Large Things That Could Fit Inside Mitt Romney’s New House

Remember Mitt Romney?  The “unemployed” millionaire, former GOP favorite and candidate who considers Corporations “people”?

Well, here is some more information that shows just how much he is “just like us”….

More like shows just how much he “just doesn’t get it”….

From Vanity

The Huffington Post reports that uniquely unlikeable presidential candidate Mitt Romney “has filed an application with the San Diego government to bulldoze [his $12 million] 3,009-square-foot beachfront house in La Jolla, California, and replace it with a 11,062-square-foot property.” What sorts of things could Romney fit inside his new house? Tons of things, it turns out.

  1. The Memphis-area Enterprise-Rent-A-Car facility
  2. The Waubonsee Community College ceramics studio
  3. The Manhattan office of Bonobos, the men’s clothing store
  4. The meat locker at the Harlem Fairway
  5. The Diane Von Furstenberg flaship store in New York’s Meatpacking District
  6. The Condé Nast cafeteria
  7. The Music Hall of Williamsburg
  8. Jennifer Aniston’s old house
  9. The top-of-the-line luxury spa at the Trump International™ Hotel & Tower Las Vegas
  10. The world’s largest whale

via Large Things That Could Fit Inside Mitt Romney’s New House | Blogs | Vanity Fair.

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