Why Gay Men Dont Get Fat

Well, this is news to me and most of my friends….

Sounds like another stereotypical book from the Circuit Party set for the Circuit Party set and the wannabes- but I’ll hold my fire until I read more about it…

I think it’s part of the proof of how much we’ve assimilated into society that we now get just as fat as straight men- at least outside of the NY-LA Gay Ghettos….


“Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” is the title of an as-of-yet published book by Barneys New York creative ambassador Simon Doonan. The author calls it “a stylishly slimming discourse that proves gay men really ARE French women: prone to disdain, favoring cheeky underwear, convinced of their own artistic brilliance, and of course calorie-obsessed.

”The French women reference, and title of his book, are both presumably a reference to the popular diet book “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” which espoused emulating French culinary culture to slim down.

Before we go any further, if Doonan wasn’t himself gay, I think he’d be treading on thin ice, you know, with the whole stereotyping thing. Gays and lesbians, like everyone else in the world, come in all shapes and sizes.

While I’ve had gay friends over the years, it’s difficult for me to speak with any authority about whether or not they are on average less fat than everyone else.

However, there is an undeniable sub-culture in the gay community that obsesses over their physique, which is the focus in “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat.”

What ultimately matters is have there been any scientific studies to back the idea of gay men being thinner than their hetero counterparts?

Last year, a study led by Kerith Conron, an associate research scientist at Northeastern University and a research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, came to the conclusion that, in fact, gay men are slimmer than heterosexual men. The same held true, flipped, for lesbians. That is, lesbians are on average heavier than their heterosexual counterparts. The researchers determined that gay men are 50 percent less likely to be obese.

via Why Gay Men Dont Get Fat.

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