Anti-Incumbent Fever Could Hurt Republicans

This is good news.

I just hope the trend holds until next year AND that the Dems actually nominate credible, progressive candidates as alternatives….

I’m so sick of the Dem’s nominating Candidates who are like GOP Lites, instead of true Progressives.  I hope they realize how much things have changed…

From the Huffington Post:

Results from a new national survey from the Pew Research Center should strike fear into the hearts of incumbents in Congress, especially those who are members of the Republican Party. A record number of respondents want to vote sitting lawmakers out of office, and Republicans take more of the blame than Democrats for perceptions of a do-nothing Congress.

According to the Pew Research report, two-thirds (67 percent) of registered voters nationwide say “most members of Congress” should be voted out of office in 2012, while only 20 percent want most members reelected. This desire to fire all incumbents marks a record level of discontent since the Pew Center started asking the question 18 years ago, far exceeding previous highs of 57 percent in 2010 and 56 percent in 1994.

via Pew Research Poll: Anti-Incumbent Fever Could Hurt Republicans.

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