Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Photo: Singer Shows Off New Ink

This is disturbing on so many levels.  All other issues aside, what kind of parent let’s any 17-year-old get a permanent tattoo of anything/anyone?

Hopefully, he will eventually gain some weight and muscle  and that will really have an impact on filling out Jesus’ face….

I’ve always wondered how he would have looked if Burl Ives had played Jesus.  We may find out…..

And if my legs were that scrawny, I definitely would not want to call attention to them…

I repeat:  I wish I could find and invest in a company specializing in Tattoo Removal for when all these kids realize that these tats aren’t going to look nearly as good as they age and their bodies change.  I would make so much money I wouldn’t have to worry about what the Republicans are going to do to Social Security.

I really think you should not be allowed to get tats until you are at least 30.  By then, you should know what the consequences are and be able to make an informed decision….

Oh, and I still think his “music” sucks and that “he” is really a 24 year-old-lesbian with a great Marketing Plan…

From The Huffington Post.  Link has the picture:

Jesus walks. Justin Bieber was spotted on the beach in Los Angeles rocking board shorts and some major ink. The Biebs has always been vocal about his faith but now he’s wearing it on his sleeve — or rather his calf. The “Mistletoe” singer was recently tatted with a large visage of Jesus on his left calf.

Bieber also has the name “Jesus” tattooed on his torso but his new ink is certainly a more visible ode to his religion. The 17-year-old also has a small bird tattooed on his hip. Could Bieber’s permanent art leanings start to rub off on girlfriend, Selena Gomez?

via Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Photo: Singer Shows Off New Ink.

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