Fireworks Blow Off Part Of Man’s Genitals

Today seems to be weird news day….

I hate fireworks.  Probably because my Mother always screamed about the possibility of them blowing off your fingers…

Somehow, she didn’t cover this risk…..

Back in those days, well-breed Southern Ladies did not discuss penises, so that was probably the reason.

But this would have really been a deterrent!

From Huffington Post:

Let this be a warning to those who take firework safety lightly.

Authorities told MLive that a Michigan man blew off part of his genitals with fireworks last Monday.

Assistant Chief Terry Flynn of the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department told The Huffington Post that his men responded to the scene and discovered the unidentified man “bleeding profusely from the genitals.”

Flynn said the man lit a mortar and, when it didn’t go off, he walked towards it only to have it blow up between his legs.

Flynn declined to give the man’s name or release his medical condition, citing medical privacy laws.

via Fireworks Blow Off Part Of Man’s Genitals.

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