Funeral Home In South Carolina To Sell Starbucks Coffee

Well, I’ve seen Taco Bell’s in Gas Stations, but nothing like this….

Personally, if you are going to combine food and beverage services with a Funeral Home, I would prefer a bar…

From The Huffington Post:


EASLEY, S.C. — A funeral home in northwestern South Carolina will be offering what it calls the Starbucks experience to those needing comfort, or just a cup of coffee.

Robinson Funeral Home in Easley is building a coffee shop attached to the funeral home.

The Coffee Corner will feature Starbucks coffee and food and also will be open to those who don’t need services from the funeral home. Chris Robinson says the Coffee Corner will include a fireplace, TV and Wi-Fi.

Starbucks employees will train employees at the funeral home later this month before the shop opens.

Robinson says there’s nothing like food or coffee to help comfort those who’ve experienced a loss.

via Funeral Home In South Carolina To Sell Starbucks Coffee.

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