Obama leads Romney among NASCAR Fans


This is one demographic group most folks assumed would not be supporting the President….

Seems Mitt’s positions, personae- not to mention comments about the poncho’s and NASCAR fashions- have not endeared him to these folks, either….

I’m wondering what demographic group, aside from old, rich, white men  Romney is winning now?

From Yahoo.com:

Mitt Romney’s recent slide in several polls, including those in the battleground states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida, is troubling enough for the GOP. But, now the Republican nominee appears to be trailing President Barack Obama among a traditionally conservative constituency: NASCAR fans.

Obama leads Romney 49 to 42 percent among NASCAR enthusiasts, according to a new Zogby poll by JZ Analytics.

As the liberal blog PoliticusUSA.com pointed out, Romney was booed at the Daytona 500 in February during a campaign trip ahead of Super Tuesday.

via Obama leads Romney among NASCAR fans: Poll | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

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One response to “Obama leads Romney among NASCAR Fans

  1. Interesting indeed! I’m not a NASCAR fan; but I live in NASCAR country. This post made me laugh out loud! Thanks!


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