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The Bestway

I hope I didn’t totally ruin my image tonight.  I went to the Bestway grocery store in  old, baggy khaki shorts and a Bernie Sanders for President T-Shirt.  I did wear real shoes….

There is something about the Bestway that brings out both the best and the worst in me…

It’s just so comfortable and convenient….

I’ve even gone there a couple of times in my bedroom shoes in the winter when I forgot to change….

I feel like I can let the image slip while I dash in for a quick purchase….

It may be because I am in there almost everyday.

In case you haven’t figured this out by now, I can be an uptight white boy.  I did go to Washington and Lee University…

But I love our funky, eclectic neighborhood and being within walking distance to the bars and restaurants on “The Corner” at Walker Avenue near our house.  Home is a multi-block radius where I can let may short gray hair down a bit…

I’ve lived in Greensboro for more than 25 years and I’ve stumbled into the Bestway, in various conditions, over most of that time.

The Bestway is a little neighborhood grocery store.  When I first moved here, it was a place to go for cigarettes and cheap beer late at night.  It was a glorified Quick Mart.  God forbid you bought food there as most of what was there was stuff that had been there for ages or was manufactured to be inedible.  It wasn’t very attractive, but it was close to where I lived and you could stop by late at night on your way home.

Now, gentrification has set in, but in a good way….

It’s still funky, but you can find almost all the food and cooking items you need as long as you don’t want to buy meat .  It has the best selection of beer and cheap wine in Greensboro….The new owners have done a wonderful job of upgrading the stock and atmosphere without losing the charm.

The kids who work there are great.  They are young and covered in tattoos and just about the nicest kids you could hope to meet.  Friendly and open.  Really sweet kids.

It’s one of the central focus points for our neighborhood.  It’s like our “Rick’s Bar” in “Casablanca.”  Sooner or later, everyone ended up at Rick’s and, sooner or later,  everyone in our neighborhood ends up at the Bestway.

It’s always fun to go to the Bestway.  You see such an eclectic group of people.  Everyone has a good attitude and is a little laid back.  It’s a comfort zone place for everyone.  I’ve been there late at night when “YMCA” was playing on the Muzak and people were dancing in the isles….

It’s one of the unique things I value most about our neighborhood.  Funky, convenient and offering almost everything the residents of our little world could want.  It perfectly reflects the balance between being unpretentious, but a little bit upscale and a little bit downtown and a little bit funky and artsy that makes our neighborhood so unique.

We may still need to make our occasional pilgrimages to Trader Joe’s, Costco, Deep Roots or, god forbid, Harris Teeter. for some items, but not too often if you plan right.  And one of my major goals in life is to avoid the big, pretentious Harris Teeter with horrible parking.   The Bestway makes that possible for weeks.  It’s lovely to have a neighborhood market that fulfills 90% of our grocery needs.  Especially in a neighborhood where good, cheap wine and a massive beer selection are of paramount importance….

A place you can walk to if you’ve had a little too much to drink and need a couple of things to have an impromptu dinner party for your friends who have done the same and the restaurants on “The Corner” are so packed you just have to eat at home…

And it’s nice to have a place an uptight white boy can wander into in his Brooks Brothers work clothes or beat up khaki shorts and a left-wing t-shirt and feel equally at home.

But that’s our neighborhood and the Bestway is both an integral part of and a reflection of it all….

A little bit upscale and a little bit artsy and funky….

I just hope it the neighborhood and the Bestway continue to stay in sync….

And we can keep this balance in the ‘hood.

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Karma….The Duggars Edition

I truly hate the Duggars….

No, that is too strong.  I just find them stupid and disgusting…

I have a real issue with people who flaunt their religion for cash…

Especially, when they have really bad hair and really low IQ’s …

But some people still look up to them…

The Duggars are like very unattractive Christian Porn Stars who never delivered the money shot….

They made a lot of cash for, well, doing one thing…

And now it’s all over….

Bye, bye…

From Addicting Info:

After years of making her older children responsible for a great deal of the parenting duty to the younger children, Michelle Duggar is discovering just how much of a bad idea it was to have sex 19 times without using birth control or telling Jim Bob to put a raincoat on it.

In a post on the family blog, Michelle whined about having to stay up until 2am to do laundry after doing all the chores that she should have seen coming while popping out kid after kid, claiming that she broke down crying and then she claimed that God spoke to her and inspired her to keep folding until the work was done. Yes, apparently God has nothing better to do than talk to Michelle Duggar about laundry. Because it couldn’t possibly be simply hearing voices in your head or having hallucinations after a day of exhausting work.

More:   Addicting Info – Michelle Duggar Can’t Handle Parental Responsibility, Discovers Why Having 19 Kids Was A Bad Idea.

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Clothes Porn

I’ve always been a clothes horse….

One of the hardest things about getting older and gaining weight has been not looking good in clothes……

Now I focus on shoes….

You can’t look bad in good shoes…

But thank god for good clothes porn…

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Remembering Harry Chapin

I’ll get back to politics eventually….

I can’t resist it, but I am enjoying a vacation…

I have Sirus/XM radio in my car and it’s really been reminding me of artists I had forgotten.

Harry Chapin is one of them.

A great poet, singer-song writer of the 1970’s-80’s.

Another one gone too soon.

I love the poetry and stories of his song.

They are so much a part of my generation….

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Happy Birthday, Mike Douglas

I always loved the Mike Douglas show.  It was full of celebrities on their best behavior being charming and superficial….

There is a lot to be said for superficial if you compare Mike Douglas to his arguable follower Jerry Springer.

And his guest list was so eclectic….

This clip is a brief interview with one of may favorite stars, Natalie Wood, and with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Jr.

There was a lot of back story going on, but no one mentioned it…

They left that for the tabloids that one never mentioned…

Mike Douglas would have been 90 years old today….

I do miss him and the kind of stars who graced is stage….

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To Sir, With Love

Remember when they made movies about heroic teachers and how they positively met challenges and made a difference in their students’ lives?

Before they were paid poverty wages that they had to reinvest in classroom supplies….

Before they were demonized by radical Republicans and the Tea Party….

Back when they were respected professionals whose contribution to society was valued….

And they were actually paid a living wage and appreciated…..

And education was valued….

I do remember….

And I’m sure Lulu does too….

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Remembering Julie London

I really discovered Julie London when I was in my ’30’s….

I, like most of my generation, really only knew her as Nurse Dixie McCall on “Emergency.”  This was a TV show that was popular when I was a child.

I remember watching it with my Father in the den and him saying:  “No one remembers this, but Julie London was a helluva singer.  Everyone just thinks of her of now for this TV show.  But, that dame could sing.”

He was right.  She and her husband, Bobby Troupe, who was also on “Emergency”, where major jazz musicians.

Years later, I bought a Julie London CD on a whim in a discount bin and was blown away.  She truly owns “Cry Me a River.”  This was back when we were all switching from albums to CD’s and this was one of my maybe two dozen CD’s.  So, I played it a lot….

I heard her singing today in my car, on my satellite radio station that mainly plays Sinatra.  And I was blown away again…

I wish more people remembered Julie London, the singer….


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Dancing In the Streets

This is the other song I can’t get out of my head….

It’s like a bridge song between two phases in my life….

At college, at Washington and Lee, we would dance to Martha and the Vandella’s singing this song…

Then Bowie and Mick did it in the early 80’s when we were moving out to the “real world.”

It was the MTV era and this played constantly….

And no one, but Bowie, could pull off a faux camo, pseudo paisley jumpsuit….

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One of my colleagues at work today asked me to cover for her in September while she went to a wedding.

I said, sure, but asked her where she was going…

She said home to Allentown, Pennsylvania….

I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head ever since…

I’ve loved Billy Joel since “Piano Man”, one of the great songs of my generation.  Right up there with Carly Simon’s “That’s the Way I Always Heard It Should Be” as an anthem for my generation.  And our parent’s generation….

Most people love the “Stranger Album” and I do, too.  But my favorite will always be “Turnstiles”.  Wonderful album.  Less commercial, but….”James”….”Say Good Bye To Hollywood”….”I’ve Loved These Days”…and a true classic: “New York State of Mind….

But “Allentown” is still so timely….

I love Billy Joel and always will…

Even if he aged worse than I did….

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1900 Yesterday….

For some strange, unknown, reason, I thought of this song tonight.

It was a modest hit when I was like 12 years old…

Even then, I must have had nostalgia issues….

But….I came across this video that is just too strange not to share….


I hope….

Or, whatever…..

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