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How Much Do You Drink Compared to Other Drinkers?

I don’t know how the top 10% of this group functions at all…

Some interesting insight from the Washington Post:


As Cook notes in his book, the top 10 percent of drinkers account for well over half of the alcohol consumed in any given year. On the other hand, people in the bottom three deciles dont drink at all, and even the median consumption among those who do drink is just three beverages per week.

The shape of this usage curve isnt exactly unique. The Pareto Law states that “the top 20 percent of buyers for most any consumer product account for fully 80 percent of sales,” according to Cook. The rule can be applied to everything from hair care products to X-Boxes.

MORE:   Think you drink a lot? This chart will tell you. – The Washington Post.

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Beer Merger Challenged By Justice Department

I’m so relieved to know our Justice Department has it’s priorities in order…

I’m sure they don’t have anything more pressing than this to consider…

Of course, this does impact a large portion of the population that has to drink to deal with the fact that we have a bunch of incompetents (AKA:  The GOP) in Washington focusing on irrelevant issues instead of addressing the most pressing needs of the country.

Forget the Tea Party, let’s start the Beer Party!


WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Thursday filed a lawsuit to stop Anheuser-Busch InBev’s proposed $20.1 billion purchase of Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo, which would unite the ownership of popular beers like Budweiser and Corona.

The government said the deal could lead to higher beer prices in this country because it would substantially reduce competition in the U.S. beer market, particularly in 26 metropolitan areas. It said the merged firm would control nearly half the beer sales in the U.S.

In response, Anheuser-Busch InBev promised a court fight to preserve its deal.

Americans spent at least $80 billion on beer last year. ABI’s Bud Light is the best-selling beer in the nation and Modelo’s Corona Extra is the best-selling import.

via Anheuser-Busch-Grupo Modelo Merger Challenged By Justice Department.

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