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Cher Developing Broadway Musical Based On Life and Career

This is truly scary…

Who knew Cher could write?  Period?

Still, I would be so tempted to see this….

Or run from it…

From Playbill.com:

Producers are at work developing a Broadway musical based on the life of Academy and Grammy Award-winning performer Cher, the pop star recently tweeted.

The star states that the musical will incorporate songs from her career, with three different actresses set to play her at various stages of her life. One actress will play a young Cher through her “Sonny and Cher” years, while another will play the icon through the “Believe” tour, with a third to inhabit the star at the current point in her life.

The show will incorporate a theatrical conceit that allows all three actresses to talk to one another and perform together.

Cher also revealed that she is part of the writing process on the musical, which has been in development for “quite a while.” Broadway is the goal.

via Cher Developing Broadway Musical Based On Life and Career – Playbill.com.

Of course, I always thought she had already told her story in song:

Just kidding!!!

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Theme Song for the GOP Presidential Primary: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves….

Every time I read or see the Republican Primary Candidates….this is all I can think of…..

I just hope Cher doesn’t give them the rights to use it for their campaigns….


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