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Santa Baby

I will, hopefully, not be posting much on politics the next few days.

Due to the Holidays, there is little going on except more Republican obstruction and childishness.  In other words, the situation is business as usual and I’m going to try to ignore it all for a few days to focus on enjoying the Holidays and bracing myself for the 2012 Election Madness that starts right after the Holidays end…

So….let’s all focus on enjoying the next few days and worry about life in a decaying democracy later.  After all, tomorrow is another day…..

In that spirit, let’s move on to the fun and frivolous!

Eartha Kitt owns this song, but there really isn’t a great video….

However, Kylie Minogue does a damn good job here!

Let’s not talk about the Madonna version….

Here is today’s Christmas Video:

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