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‘Cursing’ Baby Doll Upsets Parents

I may have to have one of these….

I would have loved it if these had been around when my friends had small children.  I would have known exactly what to give them for Christmas then!

Instead, I may just go buy a few for selected friends now….

Of course, people are freaking out and making much ado over nothing…

Video, at the link below, from Huffington Post:

A talking baby doll available at Toys “R” Us is upsetting some parents, who claim it has a potty mouth.

Some customers are calling for the “You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls” to be pulled from shelves because they say one of the dolls can be heard uttering, “You crazy bitch.”

“I did hear that. I wouldn’t want that for my child. Definitely not,” Denise Altschule told FOX23 in Tulsa, Okla.

Another mother told WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Fla., that she feared her son could pick up the curse word from the doll. “I don’t want him repeating what’s on there,” she said.

The dolls, which are intended for children 2 and up, are being sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores. A Toys “R” spokeswoman told FOX23 that the retail store has not received widespread complaints and said the offending phrase is just baby talk.

via ‘Cursing’ Baby Doll Upsets Parents (VIDEO).

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Mom Defends Decision To Give 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox

Instead of calling “Good Morning America” someone should call Child Protective Services…

If this isn’t technically both physical and mental child abuse, it sure sounds like it to me…

I thought we left this mentality behind in the 1960’s….

We first told you about Britney Campbell of San Francisco in March — she’s the eight-year-old aspiring pageant queen already dabbling in Botox and virgin waxes, courtesy of her mom, Kerry. The pair appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America” to talk about the extreme beauty regimen with Lara Spencer.

Spencer asked Britney questions worthy of a horrifying “Law & Order: SVU” episode: can you show me where you do it? Can you point on your face? Of the Botox, Britney remarked, “It hurt sometimes, but I get used to it,” and of the waxing, “It was super, super hard to deal with that…I just don’t think it’s ladylike to have hair on your legs,” however adding that she won’t do it again. At least not for a while.

Kerry confessed that Britney didn’t actually request either treatment, noting, “We talked about it. She didn’t exactly ask me about it but I know that she was complaining about her face having wrinkles and things like that,” to which Spencer said, “My son will come home and tell me he wants every Xbox game that existed…that doesn’t mean you get it for them.” Snap!

But, seriously — then came a slew of photos depicting Britney with bruises, puffy cheeks and ice packs. In the end, the child says she “looks way better, like, beautiful, pretty, like, all those kinds of nice words.” And that might be the most heartbreaking part.

via Mom Defends Decision To Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (VIDEO).

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Man Raised By Modern Parents Struggling To Adjust To Human Society

Great satirical article from “The Onion” about today’s sheltered adult/children resulting from “helicopter” parents…

This is the group I lovingly refer to as SJI’s-Slack Jawed Idiots- due to their lack of social skills resulting from overly protective parents….

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article and a link to the full story:

Sullivan reportedly has trouble navigating even the most simple situations, often becoming frustrated to the point of tears by an attempt to mail a letter at the post office, or shutting down completely when forced to have a conversation with a person he doesn’t feel comfortable with.

“Whenever David enters a social gathering, for example, he quickly becomes fearful and anxious,” Reynolds said. “He’ll back himself into a corner, rapidly consume alcohol and snack foods, avoid eye contact, and, in some cases, lash out with sarcasm in reaction to perceived threats. Within an hour, he invariably becomes spooked and flees.”

When he feels especially threatened or overwhelmed, Sullivan returns to the place where he was raised, sometimes spending an entire weekend in the habitat to which he is still best adapted. According to Reynolds it is, in many ways, the only world Sullivan understands.

“David’s lack of acculturation is particularly evident when he attempts to interact with women, even in the most innocuous of circumstances,” Reynolds said. “Most likely he was fiercely protected and coddled by the female parent during his teen years instead of gradually learning to interact with girls as a normal child of that age would.”

“Sadly, David remains so off-putting to members of the opposite sex that he will probably never procreate,” Reynolds added.

via Man Raised By Parents Struggling To Adjust To Human Society | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

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