Ocracoke Island Vacation Journal: Part 4

It’s our last day on the Island….

This week has flown by…

We had a great time at the wine tasting at “Zillie’s Pantry” last night.  Those events are always great fun.  Then we began a new tradition by going back to our friends Lee and Michael’s cottage where Lee made us a great pasta dinner.  So much better than calling out for pizza as in previous years…

Today, we had lunch at “Jason’s” then drove down to the Cape Hatteras ferry dock just to see if anything was new.  It wasn’t.  We did enjoy a walk through the dunes out to the beach and a great view of the sound.  The scenery here really is breath-taking.

We still hope to make it to Springer’s Point later today when we take the bikes back.  Then dinner at “The Flying Melon” one last time for this trip.

Then the ferry ride to Swan’s Quarter tomorrow and the drive back to reality.

Sometimes, the ferry rides are the most interesting parts of the trip.  But the excitement is usually coming to, not leaving, Ocracoke.

Last year there were a group of drunk East Carolina University students on board.  One young lady decided to spend the crossing in the cab of their truck with her boyfriend.  The entire ferry had a show we used to only see at the porno drive in movies…

This year, we only had a bicycle club on the ferry with us coming out to Ocracoke.  They just  brought the entire contents of REI Sporting Goods with them.  It wasn’t nearly as entertaining…

It’s been a great trip with great food, beautiful scenery, peace and quiet- and time to spend with friends and to read and relax.  It’s been too short….

We just reserved the house again for next year….

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