Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama Guilty Of ‘Uppity-ism’

You can tell it’s the beginning of the Holiday Season….

All the GOP idiots are trying to get all their meanness and pettiness out now so they can either go on vacation or get busy with their next agenda items:  stealing Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa like the pathetic little grinch men they are….

Since they are a thankless crew, they are skipping Thanksgiving….

I, mean, Newt wants to put children back in sweatshops and now Rush Limbaugh is going back to the sixties to channel his new role model George Wallace….

Personally, I think both Newt and Rush are uppity and ought to be forced to work in sweatshops for less than the minimum wage they loath.  Maybe they will in their next lives- they surely will have a lot to atone for….

What a nasty little group…..and I mean not only these jerks,  but also the ones who follow them.

I wonder if they thought Laura Bush or Pat Nixon were uppity?

From the Huffington Post:

Rush Limbaugh accused Michelle Obama of “uppity-ism” during his Monday show.

Limbaugh was speaking about the First Lady’s recent reception at a NASCAR event, where both she and Jill Biden were booed by the crowd. He said it was not surprising that she was booed, because the crowd at NASCAR resented her healthy eating initiatives and her husband’s policies.

“What the hell is there to cheer for?” Limbaugh asked. He said that people also didn’t like “paying millions of dollars” for Obama’s vacations. “They understand it’s a little bit of a waste,” he said. “They understand it’s a little bit of uppity-ism.”

via Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama Guilty Of ‘Uppity-ism’ (AUDIO).

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