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Mayan Calendar: December 21 2012 Won’t Be the End of the World

Another reason to be optimistic about 2012…..

Just in case you were one of those people getting a little worried….

From the Daily Mail:

Many consider it a joke although others are scared we might never live to see next year thanks to the Mayan calendar’s ‘apocalyptic’ prediction.

But Mayan expert Leonzo Barreno, of Saskatchewan, Canada, says the ‘apocalypse’ concept is a false interpretation of the Long Count calendar.

The University of Regina journalism professor said Mayan elders taught him that December 21 this year simply marks the start of a new calendar.


‘For them it’s a joyous event, not an apocalyptic event. What is coming is the end of a calendar and the beginning of a new one.

‘It’s cyclical,’ he told CBC. ‘This has happened before. According to the elders it’s the fifth time it’s happened.’

via Mayan calendar: December 21 2012 won’t be end of the world says Leonzo Barreno | Mail Online.


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Tim Pawlenty: Mr Cellophane Withdraws

Tim Pawlenty has dropped  out of the GOP presidential primary race.

My question is:  Will anyone notice?

Seems like no one but the press paid him any attention anyway.  He had to be the most bland character in the race.

He was easy to overlook.  Easy to forget about.

He was Mr. Cellophane…

Of course, we could carry the “Chicago” analogy farther.  Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann fighting it out as Velma and Roxie.  Mitt Romney as Billy Flynn.  Newt Gingrich as Mama Morton…


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Gay Donors Fuel Obama’s 2012 Bid

The Gay ATM is back in business…

Funny, when we all stopped giving last year because of the seeming lack of commitment to our issues, the Obama administration suddenly became very active in supporting equality….

Again, in Politics, money talks and that’s all they really listen to….

President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is banking on gay donors to make up the cash it’s losing from other groups of wealthy supporters who have been alienated and disappointed by elements of Obama’s first term.

Pleased by an all-out White House push to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell,” gay donors have surprised campaign officials with the extent of their support. And the campaign’s new fundraising apparatus appears designed to capitalize on their enthusiasm: Obama’s finance committee included one gay man in 2008; there are 15 this year, a source said.

The Obama campaign finance director, Rufus Gifford, was a top California gay fundraiser; the DNC treasurer, Andrew Tobias, is gay; and the White House social secretary — traditionally a key, if unofficial, fundraising job — is also a gay man, Gifford’s former partner Jeremy Bernard.

The spur for the gay community becoming an anchor for Obama’s reelection fundraising is a series of policy shifts in 2010. After a year of rocky relations and suspicion from Obama’s gay supporters that he wasn’t really committed to their issues, the last year saw a surge in activity. Along with the high-profile repeal of the military ban, Obama’s Justice Department recently refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. And the administration has taken smaller steps, like gay partner hospital visits and hate crimes legislation, concrete and important gestures that simply weren’t made during the Bush administration.

“It’s ironic — a year ago there was no constituency more unhappy. There was a sea change,” said David Mixner, a veteran New York gay activist, who said that White House actions during the past year had swayed restive gay donors. “You not only will see a united community that will contribute to Obama, but they will work their asses off.”

via Gay donors fuel Obama’s 2012 bid – Yahoo! News.

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