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AFA Writer Condemns Christians Who Practice Yoga | Right Wing Watch

I am so tired of these people at the American Family Association….

They want to drag everyone back to the Dark Ages.

Just for reference and in the interest of full disclosure, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to whom I contribute, has named them a Hate Group and put them on their Hate Watch List along with militia groups and other militant right wing organizations that are potentially dangerous.

Writing for the American Family Association, Marsha West is insisting that Christians stop practicing yoga. West defends Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention and Douglas Groothuis of the Denver Seminary, who drew controversy for criticizing Christians who practiced yoga, lamenting that “we have blended into the dishonest, destructive and debase culture so thoroughly that it’s near impossible to tell the difference between Christians and heathens!” West calls Buddhism and Hinduism “evil” religions and argues that yoga is “diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ”:

via AFA Writer Condemns Christians Who Practice Yoga | Right Wing Watch.

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