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Former Vatican Exorcist Says Yoga and Harry Potter are Satanic Tools

This just supports my long-held theory:  “If it upsets the Vatican, it must be good!”

As a rather slack yogi who loved the Harry Potter movies, all I can say is, this is total nonsense propagated by an elderly man with a closed mind and no sense of humor.

In other words, an Italian Republican…

This is an example of why the Vatican is becoming increasingly irrelevant to so many Catholics and non-Catholics today….

The Vatican’s former chief exorcist says yoga and Harry Potter are tools of the devil.

“Practicing yoga is Satanic, it leads to evil just like reading Harry Potter,” Father Gabriele Amorth said this week.

Those seemingly “innocuous” Potter books convince kids to believe in black magic, he said.

“In Harry Potter the Devil acts in a crafty and covert manner, under the guise of extraordinary powers, magic spells and curses,” said Amorth.

As for yoga, it leads to Hinduism and “all eastern religions are based on a false belief in reincarnation,” the 86-year-old priest said.

Amorth made the hellraising remarks at a film festival in the Italian city of Umbria, where he was invited to introduce a movie about exorcism called “The Rite,” which stars Anthony Hopkins, the Telegraph of London reported.

“Satan is always hidden and what he most wants is for us not to believe in his existence,” he said. “He studies every one of us and our tendencies towards good and evil, and then he offers temptations.”

Science can’t explain evil, added Amorth, who claims to have performed 50,000 exorcisms before retiring in 2000. He is both founder and honorary president for life of the International Association of Exorcists.

No surprise, Amorth’s favorite movie is “The Exorcist.”

While the Jesuit’s remarks might strike many as the ravings of a man possessed, Pope Benedict once warned of “subtle seductions” in the Potter books that “dissolve Christianity in the soul.”

The Pope has also warned that yoga “can degenerate into a cult of the body.”

via Former Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth says yoga and Harry Potter are Satanic tools  – NY Daily News.


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A Yogi at Occupy Wall Street

This is a very interesting interview with a Yogic Monk at Occupy Wall Street in New York….

Much ado has been made about this being a young people’s protest, but he shows the diversity and depth of the protest.

He also makes an interesting point that some are trying to turn this into a conflict between protesters and the police, instead of protesters verses Wall Street.  He also points out the police have been as victimized by income disparity as anyone else….

It will be interesting to see how this all continues to play out.

I’m getting flashbacks to the 1960’s- in a good way.

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AFA Writer Condemns Christians Who Practice Yoga | Right Wing Watch

I am so tired of these people at the American Family Association….

They want to drag everyone back to the Dark Ages.

Just for reference and in the interest of full disclosure, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to whom I contribute, has named them a Hate Group and put them on their Hate Watch List along with militia groups and other militant right wing organizations that are potentially dangerous.

Writing for the American Family Association, Marsha West is insisting that Christians stop practicing yoga. West defends Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention and Douglas Groothuis of the Denver Seminary, who drew controversy for criticizing Christians who practiced yoga, lamenting that “we have blended into the dishonest, destructive and debase culture so thoroughly that it’s near impossible to tell the difference between Christians and heathens!” West calls Buddhism and Hinduism “evil” religions and argues that yoga is “diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ”:

via AFA Writer Condemns Christians Who Practice Yoga | Right Wing Watch.

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Charismatic Yoga Evangelist Takes Indian Politics By Storm


Maybe would should start Yoga Party as a third Party in the US…

India’s bewilderingly complex political arena has a new player — the country’s most popular yoga guru, Baba Ramdev.

An extremely successful yoga evangelist and entrepreneur, the saffron-robed Ramdev has promised to cleanse the country’s rotting body politic of corruption and is currently on a nationwide campaign to mobilize support among the masses.

“Yoga has the immense potential to cement the bond of amity between the people across the country and make them mentally strong and physically fit for transforming the nation into a spiritual and economic superpower in the world,” he said at a recent public rally at Khammam in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Fifty-seven year old Ramdev has taken traditional yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) to new heights. He has reintroduced yoga to the Indian middle class through his hugely popular television programs — believed to draw an average of 40 million viewers daily — and camps where he teaches unhealthy, overweight middle-class Indians breathing exercises and yoga postures to rid themselves of diseases ranging from depression to diabetes. He has also controversially claimed he can cure cancer and HIV/AIDS.

via Charismatic Yoga Evangelist Takes Indian Politics By Storm | | AlterNet.

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Learning To Embrace Mess And Chaos Through Yoga : NPR

An interesting article for my Yoga friends….

When author Claire Dederer first stepped into a yoga studio, she was, to put it mildly, dubious about the whole experience.

“The scene was the very picture of white female self-indulgence,” she writes. “There were no Indian people in this room, that was certain. A woman in her late 20s entered and rolled out her mat in front of us. Her thick blond hair was cut in an expensive bob. Her eyebrows were fancily mowed. Her outfit was black and tight. She looked as though she had been a step aerobics teacher until about five minutes ago. She looked like her name was Jennifer. ‘I am Atosa,’ she said, and I thought, ‘Like hell you are, sister.'”

But Dederer stuck with it; yoga appeared to be the answer to everything in her life as a hip young mother in north Seattle. She found a teacher with a down-to-earth name — Fran — but that was just the beginning of her search. Dederer tells the story of her attempt to become perfect at yoga and life in her new book, Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses.

via Learning To Embrace Mess And Chaos Through Yoga : NPR.

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Beliefs: Through meditation, she makes happiness an inside job –

Interesting thoughts from Sharon Salzberg…

“We all want to be happy. We need to expand the notion of what that means, to make it bigger and wiser,” the author said in a telephone interview from Albuquerque, a stop on her book tour. On Feb. 26, Salzberg will lead a three-hour retreat at Santa Monica’s First United Methodist Church for the InsightLA meditation center.

She said a key to experiencing happiness on an ongoing basis is to acknowledge pain and suffering, something American culture resists.

“It’s difficult to admit to ourselves that we suffer. We feel humiliated, like we should have been able to control our pain. If someone else is suffering, we like to tuck them away, out of sight,” Salzberg said. “It’s a cruel, cruel conditioning. There is no controlling the unfolding of life.”

via Beliefs: Through meditation, she makes happiness an inside job –


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More Yogi Cameron

How to do Yoga on a Mercedes….



And does he think anyone is actually listening to him when he looks and (un)dresses like this?

Well, maybe some lesbians and straight men…



And I read for $20,000 lbs he makes house calls in the UK…

I don’t guess he’ll be coming to Triad Yoga…

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Yogi Cameron

More on my latest fascination:  Yogi Cameron, former male model, now Ayurvedic healer…

I’m sure it helps the effectiveness of his treatments that he takes his shirt off to administer them…

And I’m wondering:  Does the Today Show only cover pretty yogis who were in Madonna Videos or is there broader criteria?

This guy must have one hell of a publicist.  New York Times today, the Today Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show…

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Yogi Cameron Alborzian, an Ayurvedic Guru –

I’m sure it would really up my dedication to yoga and make me take ayurvedic eating much more seriously if a former Versace male model,who had been in a Madonna video, was my consultant…

Yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek…

YOGI CAMERON thought I was hot. Which, I figured, was a flattering thing to hear from a man whose cheekbones used to earn him thousands of dollars a day.

Alas, he did not mean it as a compliment. Yogi Cameron, whose given name is Cameron Alborzian, was talking about the three types of energy that tend to show up in the human body, according to the principles of ayurveda: an earthy energy known as kapha, an airy one called vata, and a fiery one, pitta. Mr. Alborzian had taken a look at my face, soon after we’d sat down for lunch at Szechuan Gourmet on West 39th Street, and had determined that I was overflowing with pitta. My vata was in the red zone, too.

“You have too much fire in your system,” he said. “You have too much air in your system — that’s why you move a lot.” He detected “a slight redness inside the eyes. And the redness isn’t, say, getting-up-in-the-morning redness. It’s really fiery redness.”

Mr. Alborzian has a book out, “The Guru in You” (HarperOne, $25.99), much of which is devoted to the ayurvedic approach to eating. He has high praise for ginger, turmeric, licorice and clarified butter. (“A life without ghee is no life at all!” he writes.) He’s down on cooking in oil, using a microwave and overdosing on icy beverages. At Szechuan Gourmet, he declined the customary glass of water.

“The body doesn’t really need more water,” he said. “What it needs is more lubrication, especially as it’s getting older. Ghee will take care of that.” Now and then Mr. Alborzian drinks a teacup full of ghee, or rubs a dab of it inside his nostrils. “Especially when I’m flying,” he said. “Because I’m sucking in six hours of dry air.” He had kicked off the morning with some hot water, followed by “two or three spoonfuls of full-fat plain yogurt.” A few hours later came “two pieces of dried mango, and then that was it” for breakfast.

When he’s not writing or studying in India, Mr. Alborzian makes house calls, sometimes even moving in with clients to observe their daily routines and guide them toward healthier habits. One of the first things he attends to is the way a person chows down. I figured he could do the same for me. I’d chosen Szechuan Gourmet, one of the city’s shrines to tongue-scorching, because I crave spicy food the way other people might crave, say, a bowl of ice cream.

More:  Yogi Cameron Alborzian, an Ayurvedic Guru –

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Ethan Nichtern: Mindful Social Networking: Going Online Without Losing Your Mind


I struggle with the fact that I spend so much time on line, but justify it by having given up television and making the shift towards exploring writing and commentary as a possible side job at some point in the future.

Being a Libra, I’m in a constant struggle for balance anyway…

And we are really good at justification of questionable behavior…


The Social Network is an amazing phenomenon, an amazing opportunity to see the truth of interdependence, that none of our lives occur in an isolated vacuum. Social networking is also, possibly, the most widespread addiction on our planet right now, sucking billions of hours we’ll never get back again. On a recent meditation retreat, I asked assembled students to share their favorite “evasive maneuvers” from the present moment, the ways we all hide out from having to be here with the direct simplicity of right now. People said all kinds of funny and not so funny things. In a discussion group later in the weekend, one student wondered why nobody had brought up Twitter and Facebook. Another student joked “Ethan asked us what our individual evasive maneuvers were, not our shared ones. Everyone’s addicted to Facebook. That just goes without saying at this point.”

From the Buddhist standpoint, the best framework to analyze social networking is a concept called “coemergence.” Coemergence refers to the ability of any particular phenomenon or experience to manifest as either wisdom or confusion, helpful or harmful, a weapon or a prison. From this standpoint (which is sometimes considered an advanced framework for working with meditation practice), phenomena are in themselves neither positive nor negative, but they only become helpful or harmful according to how the mind attends to them and fixates upon them. Enter the social network. Is it the greatest tool for connection and camaraderie the world has ever seen? Or is it a dangerous time-suck, isolating us in bubbles of anxious voyeurism? Well, it’s both.

What make the distinction? Whether or not you view your time online as a practice or an escape makes all the difference in the world. At the same time, recognizing the truth of coemergence is a great way to develop compassion and overcome guilt about our actions. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself seems like quite the coemergent dude.

via Ethan Nichtern: Mindful Social Networking: Going Online Without Losing Your Mind.

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