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Cooking with the Chippendales?

How did I miss this back in the 1980’s?

Jaye P Morgan, singer and Match Game regular, apparently hosted this “cooking” show….

More like a campfest…

More than one person in the comments at the original site has referred to this as “Cooking with Blanche Devereux”….

Hat tip to Dlisted where I first saw this:

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7 Restaurant Tricks – Ways for You to Spend More

Interesting article from Dr Mercola and Yahoo Finance…

Menu engineering is used by restaurants to steer you to order high-profit items. Yahoo finance has collected a list of some common menu ploys:

  1. First in show. You are more likely to order the first item on a list in a given section of the menu (such as the “chicken” or “beef” section.) That’s where many restaurants place the most profitable dish of that type.
  2. Menu Siberia. Unprofitable dishes, on the other hand, tend to get banished to a corner that’s less noticeable.
  3. Visual aids. Many menus box off something they want to promote, because if you draw a line around it, people will order it. Photos also sell dishes.
  4. Package deals. Even if only a small percentage of the McDonald’s customers spend some extra dollars on a meal package, that translates to millions in additional revenue.
  5. Dollar-sign avoidance. Some menus avoid dollar signs and decimals — keeping money abstract makes spending less threatening.
  6. The small plate-large plate conundrum. A restaurant may offer two sizes of the same dish; that price differential is almost pure profit.
  7. Ingredient embroidery. If the menu makes each ingredient sound ultra-special, it will sell better; it may be the same dish you would get anywhere else, but you’ll start to think you can only get it there.

via 7 Restaurant Tricks – Ways for You to Spend More.

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Secret shame: Paula Deen hides diabetes from fans while continuing to promote high-fat recipes | Mail Online

Is anyone truly surprised by this?

Everyone knows how unhealthy our native Southern cuisine is…

And Paula Deen’s version is Southern Cuisine on Steroids….

You can’t blame her from trying to hang on to what made her rich and famous…

Still, you also would think she would start preaching a little moderation…

A family friend of Deen’s told the Enquirer: ‘When Paula was diagnosed with diabetes I think she was worried that if her secret got out, it would make her look like a hypocrite.

‘Ironically, the very thing that made her rich and famous turned her into a poster child for what could happen if you follow in her footsteps.’

One of Deen’s most famous dishes is the Lady’s Brunch Burger, which is a hamburger topped with bacon and a fried egg and served on a glazed donut.

Her devastation at allegedly being diagnosed with diabetes went further than her career – the friend told the Enquirer that she simply loves to eat high-fat, high-calorie foods.

The source said: ‘At first she resisted doctor’s orders to drastically change her diet, but eventually she realised that if she didn’t it would put her into an early grave.’

Her health conscious husband Michael Groover is said to have helped to persuade Paula to change her ways, added the source.

This thing is disgusting….


1 1/2 pounds ground beef

3 tablespoons freshly chopped parsley leaves

2 tablespoons grated onion

2 tablespoons butter

3 eggs

6 slices bacon, cooked

3 hamburger buns

3 English muffins

6 glazed donuts

via Secret shame: Paula Deen hides diabetes from fans while continuing to promote high-fat recipes | Mail Online.

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