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Chapter 79: Old Acquaintances | My Southern Gothic Life

New post up on my other blog….

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One of the great things about this blog and being on Facebook has been connecting with old friends.  And learning which people are truly “friends” and which are “acquaintances.”

There are people I barely know or still have never met, in person, whose interaction and comments I cherish.  I firmly believe Facebook and blog friends can be as real as friends you see in person everyday.  Cyber friendship is one of the keys to life in the 21st Century.

It’s also nice to again come across people who have crossed your path in life and see how they are doing.  Some will never know how fond you are of them and that you watch their pages on Facebook just to see how their lives have developed, how they are doing and that you watch them from a distance, like some benign guardian angel, just to be sure they are okay.

It’s friendship the easy way….

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Chapter 61: Bosom Buddies | My Southern Gothic Life

I posted a new post on my other blog a day or two ago…

Here is a brief excerpt and a link to the full blog entry….


My Best Friend had Heart Surgery this week…

I don’t like to think of us as old enough to have to face these issues, but I guess we are…

And “Best Friend” is a very inclusive, non-exclusive term for me…I have several.

First and foremost is Steve, my partner and soulmate.  He’s in a class by himself.  I have another friend who is a “Best Friend”, who goes back more years than I care to count, but she’s like my “female” “Best Friend”.

This guy is, I guess the best way to put it, my male “Best Friend”.  He’s the Brother I never had…

via Chapter 61: Bosom Buddies | My Southern Gothic Life.

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Home Allegedly Set Afire in Neighbors’ Facebook Feud

I’ve seen some heated arguments on Facebook, but this takes the cake!

With Facebook friends like these, who needs enemies?

Police in Des Moines, Iowa, have arrested 30-year-old Jennifer Christine Harris (pictured left) for allegedly setting her neighbor’s house on fire, according to the Des Moines Register. The suspected motive? Retribution for being “de-friended” on the popular social networking site.

Nikki and Jim Rasmussen awoke to the sound of a loud “boom” around 1 a.m., officials said, and escaped the home just as the siding on their house began to melt.

When asked who might have caused the fire, Jim Rasmussen named Harris as the prime suspect. She and Nikki Rasmussen had a falling out on Facebook, he told police, when a party invitation that his wife volunteered to create for Harris yielded a high number of “declines.”

After a large volume of text and Facebook messages, the dispute escalated to the point where Nikki Rasmussen “de-friended” Harris. She and Harris had been the best of friends before the dispute, according to The Associated Press.

More:   Home Allegedly Set Afire in Neighbors’ Facebook Feud | AOL Real Estate.

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