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The Latest Republican Hypocrite: Arizona Sheriff Rocked By Accusations Of Alleged Immigrant Ex-Boyfriend

And the latest Republican Hypocrite is:  Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu

Not only Gay, but publicly anti-immigrant and dating a male Mexican Immigrant….

They are just going to love this in Arizona!

I somehow think his Congressional campaign just ended…

From TalkingPointsMemo, click the link at the bottom for full story and pictures:

Rising Republican star and well-known border hawk Sheriff Paul Babeu, who’s now running for Congress in Arizona, was hit Friday night with bombshell accusations from a Mexican immigrant who said he dated the sheriff for years and was threatened with deportation if he ever told anyone about their romance.

The Phoenix New Times newspaper broke the story on its website in a piece written by veteran journalist Monica Alonzo. The accusations came complete with text messages said to be between the two men as well as compromising photos purportedly of Babeu that are reminiscent of recent sex scandals that ended the careers of Congressmen Anthony Weiner and Chris Lee.

In one photo, Babeu is seen posing in front of a mirror in nothing but his underwear. In another, he has his hand inside the man’s partially unbuttoned shirt.

The newspaper identified the accuser only by his first name, Jose, citing his fear that the sheriff would try to challenge his immigration status.

Jose said he met Babeu through the dating website gay.com in 2006, before he became sheriff, according to the newspaper. Babeu was a police officer in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler at the time and was elected as sheriff of Pinal County in late 2008.

Beyond the romance, the newspaper also said Jose volunteered for Babeu’s campaign, maintaining his websites and social media accounts.

They were apparently together during Babeu’s fast rise to becoming a national figure in the fight against illegal immigration. The sheriff first burst onto the national stage in 2010 when he appeared alongside Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) in a now-famous television ad, calling on the federal government to complete “the danged fence” along the US-Mexican border.

More recently, Babeu has been a frequent guest for Fox News for immigration-related topics, including the ongoing Fast and Furious scandal. He has endorsed Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary, and touted as a co-chair of the candidate’s presidential campaign in Arizona. He even recorded robocalls for Romney that went out to voters in Iowa last year.

via Arizona Sheriff Rocked By Accusations Of Alleged Immigrant Ex-Boyfriend | TPMMuckraker.

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The Romneys of Mexico- Mitt Romney’s Mexican Cousins That He Ignores

I somehow don’t think he’s going to want to talk about this, either….

This is really going to annoy some of the other Republicans and Tea Partiers….

More fun to come!

From, The Last Word at MSNBC:


As Willard M. Romney’s campaign plows ahead toward the Republican nomination for president, little-known details on his personal background are popping up.

On the campaign trail, for instance, he’ll gladly chat about his huge family. But what about his Mexican cousins? It’s a branch he ignores in public.

NBC News correspondent Mike Taibbi filed a fascinating report on Rock Center with Brian Williams, profiling Romney’s relatives who are Mexican citizens. In 1885, Romney’s Mormon great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled from the United States to Mexico in order to escape prosecution for practicing polygamy. His own father was born there and went on to become the governor of Michigan — the quintessential poster boy for the Dream Act. About 40 cousins still live south of the border, and directly oppose cousin Willard on his own anti-Dream Act stance.

Earlier today, Romney’s campaign released a new TV ad, en español, reaching out to Spanish-speaking voters in Florida.

via The Last Word – Getting to know the Romneys of Mexico.

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Dumb Alabama Immigration Law Working So Well Its Crops Are Rotting

Elections- and Laws- have consequences….

These Racist Tea Party Republicans better be careful what they ask for;  they just might get it….

They need to be aware of the consequences of putting their slogans into laws and actions….

But then, Alabama probably forgot slavery was now illegal and figured they would pick the cotton, er, tomatoes

These little facts keep getting missed by the home schoolers……

At least they still have Mississippi to make them look good….

From Wonkette.com:

Alabama is just the latest backwards state to legally codify its crusader witch hunt against the illegal immigrant wizards working their back-breaking field labor black magick on Alabama’s giant agriculture industry, but the state’s recently-enacted set of draconian worst-ever anti-immigrant laws are working a little too fast: zillions of Alabama tomatoes are rotting away in the fields this harvest season as undocumented immigrants flee like hell. Tomato farmers got together to protest these vicious dingus laws and make GOP state senator Scott Beason — the same creepy racist turd blossom who called African Americans “aborigines” — haul around one of the tomato buckets for five seconds to see how heavy they are. Beason felt he was too good for this and refused to pick it up, which is…hey, exactly like every other legal worker in Alabama!

The AP has the details of the Tomato Bucket Incident:

Tomato farmer Brian Cash said the migrant workers who would normally be on Chandler Mountain have gone to other states with less restrictive laws.

After talking with famers at the tomato shed, Beason visited the Smith family’s farm. Leroy Smith, Chad Smith’s father, challenged the senator to pick a bucket full of tomatoes and experience the labor-intensive work.

Beason declined but promised to see what could be done to help farmers while still trying to keep illegal immigrants out of Alabama.

Smith threw down the bucket he offered Beason and said, “There, I figured it would be like that.”

Oh well, at least Alabama and Scott Beason got to make their Important Point, about being dicks. [AP]

via Dumb Alabama Immigration Law Working So Well Its Crops Are Rotting.

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Mexicans No Longer Immigrating to US?

Another issue the Republicans have beaten to death…

And another issue whose impact has been drastically exaggerated…

See a pattern?f

And if this trend continues, who is going to do all the jobs Americans refuse to do themselves?

From AlternNet.com:

Immigration from Mexico – which provided the largest number of immigrants to the U.S. during this latest wave – has all but dried up. Douglas S. Massey, co-director of the Mexican Migration Project at Princeton, told the New York Times that fewer Mexicans want to migrate northward today than at any time since at least the 1950s. “No one wants to hear it, but the flow has already stopped,” Massey told the Times, referring to illegal entries. “For the first time in 60 years, the net traffic has gone to zero and is probably a little bit negative.”

A common misperception that helps fuel hostility toward immigrants is that there is a never-ending pool of people dying to come here and if we don’t hold the line we’ll be overrun. The reality is that we have always had a modest flow of new immigrants punctuated by large but finite spikes from one country or another. Individuals have all sorts of reasons for emigrating, but when large numbers migrate from a single country or region, it’s always been in response to some kind of shock in their country of origin, be it civil strife or pestilence or drought or war or economic collapse or natural disaster. That’s true whether we’re talking about the Irish fleeing the Great Potato Famine, Russian Jews fleeing the pogroms or Vietnamese boat people fleeing war in Southeast Asia. The Wikipedia entry for Swedish emigration to America explains why their numbers peaked just after the Civil War:

There was widespread resentment against the religious repression practiced by the Swedish Lutheran State Church and the social conservatism and class snobbery of the Swedish monarchy. Population growth and crop failures made conditions in the Swedish countryside increasingly bleak.

This is true of the wave of Mexican immigration that now appears to be coming to an end. According to a study by the Pew organization, Mexican immigration “grew very rapidly starting in the mid-1990s, hit a peak at the end of the decade, and then declined substantially after 2001.” According to some estimates, 9 percent of the Mexican population pulled up roots and headed north during this period.

What happened to spur that movement? A few things. First, that timeline corresponds perfectly with the damage wrought in Mexican labor markets by NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). Employment in Mexico’s agricultural sector dropped by 16 percent between 1993, the year before NAFTA went into effect, and 2002. Service sector employment was stable — it didn’t absorb many of those workers. And while manufacturing increased in the maquiladoras between 1994 and 2000 — when it peaked with about 800,000 jobs – the maquiladora zone shed 250,000 of those jobs over the next three years, most of them outsourced to China. Make capital mobile, make goods mobile and people will have no choice but to mobilize themselves.

via Mexicans No Longer Immigrating to US? (What Will Xenophobes Freak Out About Now?) | | AlterNet.

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