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Happy Labor Day

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A Few Scenes from My Favorite Labor Day Musical…

People seem to forget “The Pajama Game” that it was a Musical about Unions vs Management.

In the movie, Doris Day represented the Union and John Raitt was management.

Shows how far we’ve come in the depiction of Unions from what it was in their 1950’s heyday…

Anyway.  Love the Movie. Saw it on Broadway a few years ago with Harry Connick, Jr and Kelli O’Hara.  Loved it on stage.

Here’s the big Labor Day Picnic scene from the movie:

And, of course, the unforgettable Carol Haney doing Bob Fosse’s choreography to  “Steam Heat” in the film.

And a little Harry Connick, Jr and Kelli O’Hara from the 2008 Broadway revival:

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A Little Labor Day Levity….

Brought to you by the American Dope Growers’ Union and the classic original cast from Saturday Night Live in 1977…

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Happy Labor Day: Brought to You by the Unions

Remember when we actually manufactured things in the USA?

Remember when Union Membership was something people were proud of

Remember when Unions were admired?

Remember when there was a Middle Class?

The GOP and the Republicans really turned those images around-while sending jobs overseas and cutting benefits….

Think back to this ad in 1981.

Think back to “Norma Rae”.


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