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Pollsters Worried FCC Chairman Doesn’t Care If They Go Out Of Business

This article on the Huffington Post relates to a new rule the FCC is working on to prohibit or limit autodialers calling cell phones.

A few thoughts:

  1. Auto Dialers are evil.  If you want to annoy me, at least have the nerve to underpay a person to do it and bear my wrath if I deem to answer.
  2. I question the ability of polls to survive anyway.  The only reasons we have a land line are a) for our alarm system and b) to have a number to give out that we never answer.  Don’t start calling my cell!
  3. I am assuming the only people who still answer pollsters calls are elderly people, lonely people and people without Caller ID.  Is this really an accurate, random sample?
  4. Do polls matter anyway?  I love this comment from the article:

Many pollsters are worried that the small ruling will have outsized impact, making it difficult to gauge public opinion on a wide range of issues. It could “create a political system where politicians can do whatever they want without knowing what the public thinks,” Mollyann Brodie, president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, told The Huffington Post. “It should be of grave concern to both our political leaders and the American public at large.”

Since when do Lawmakers pay attention to public opinion?  If they did we would have at least some basic Gun Control laws and be expanding, not putting at risk, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Lawmakers only care what their rich donor’s think.

I’m waiting for the election where all the polls turn out to be wrong and worthless.  I don’t think that’s too far away-autodialer or not.

More: Pollsters Worried FCC Chairman Doesn’t Care If They Go Out Of Business.

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What Does John Boehner Do for a Living? Less Than Half in Poll Know

This is actually better than I thought it would be…

I’m convinced if Democracy ultimately fails in America, it will be because of ignorance and inattention…

That thought was re-enforced by last year’s election of so many Republicans so soon after they nearly destroyed the world economic system…

From Poll Watch:

Most Americans know that “No Child Left Behind” has something to do with education, that Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State and that Moammar Gadhafy is the leader of Libya, but when it comes to Congress, less than half of the public knows that John Boehner is the Speaker of the House or that the Republicans now have a majority in that chamber, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted March 17-20.

In its regular News IQ quick, Pew found that 80 percent correctly identified “No Child Left Behind,” 73 percent knew what Hillary Clinton did for a living and 71 percent could name the country where Gadhafi has ruled for more than 40 years.

But only 43 percent knew that Boehner was the top House Republican and just 38 percent were aware that the GOP had a majority in the House. Republicans in the survey were predictably the most aware of their good political fortune with 50 percent knowing Boehner was Speaker and 49 percent knowing their party was a majority. Forty-two percent of Democrats knew who Boehner was and 33 percent knew the GOP controlled the House. Forty-one percent of independents correctly identified Boehner’s job and 39 percent knew the Republicans had a House majority.

Nineteen percent thought that Democrat Nancy Pelosi was still the Speaker.

However, Boehner is slowly but surely getting better known. In November, Pew said 38 percent correctly identified Boehner as the speaker-in-waiting. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted in February said 37 percent did not know his name or were not sure of their opinion of him, which was an improvement over the 44 percent in that category last November right after the elections, and 52 percent in October 2010, just before Election Day.

via What Does John Boehner Do for a Living? Less Than Half in Poll Know « Poll Watch Daily.

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Poll: Americans Cooling on Tea Party – POLITICO.com

I knew people would eventually get tire of these lunatics….

Now, if only the press will recognize and accurately report that they are just a fringe group of Republicans…

From Jennifer Epstein at Politico.com


The tea party might be running out of steam.

The approval rating for the 2-year-old movement fell to 32 percent in a CNN/Opinion Research corporation poll released Wednesday, the lowest it’s been since CNN first polled on the tea party in January 2010.

Forty-seven percent of Americans, meanwhile, said they have an unfavorable view of the movement, a higher negative percentage than ever. An additional 7 percent said they’d never heard of the movement, and 14 percent said they had no opinion.

In December, 37 percent of the sample surveyed by CNN said they view the tea party favorably, while 43 percent said they view it unfavorably. The group’s favorability rating hovered at36 percent to 38 percent throughout 2010.

The biggest drop in the tea party movement’s favorability came among people who make less than $50,000 a year. In October, 30 percent in that income group said they had unfavorable views of the tea party. Now, 45 percent say the same.

via Poll: Americans cooling on tea party – Jennifer Epstein – POLITICO.com.

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Democracy Corps » Congressional Battleground 2012

More and more Buyer’s Remorse as the GOP reminds people how incompetent they are….

These are the guys who caused the economic collapse and were supposedly elected to create jobs…

So far, the Republican Congress has voted to defund NPR and Planned Parenthood, declared war on women’s health in general, had a vote on putting “In God We Trust” on buildings, tried to repeal Health Care reform, and fawned at the feet of the Rich.

No signs of job creation whatsoever….

This poll shows there is hope emerging we can through the rascals out and retake the House in 2012…

A new survey by Democracy Corps in 50 of the most competitive battleground Congressional districts – nearly all of which gave a majority to Obama in the last presidential election – shows the new Republican majority very much in play in 2012. *

The Republican incumbents in these districts, 35 of them freshmen, remain largely unknown and appear very vulnerable in 2012 (depending on redistricting).  In fact, these incumbents are in a weaker position than Democratic incumbents were even in late 2009, or Republican incumbents were in 2007 in comparable surveys conducted by Democracy Corps.

These incumbents, identified by name, have an average approval rating of 35 percent across the 50 districts, with 25 percent disapproving.  Another 38 percent were not able to give the candidates a rating, suggesting lack of visibility.  This is about 10 points lower than the approval rating Democratic incumbents held in July of 2009 (with comparable disapproval rating).

More importantly at this early point, just 40 percent of voters in these districts say that they will vote to reelect their incumbent (asked by name in each district), while 45 percent say that they “can’t vote to reelect” the incumbent.

This leads to a congressional race that is dead-even in the battleground.  After winning these seats by a collective 14 points in 2010, these Republicans now lead generic Democratic challengers by just 2 points, 44 to 46 percent, and stand well below the critical 50 percent mark.  The race is dead even in the top tier of the 25 most competitive seats—46 percent for the Democrats versus 45 percent for the Republicans.  In the next 25 seats, the Republicans have a slight 42 to 47 percent advantage.

For comparison, in July 2009, after the luster of President Obama’s inauguration had already begun to fade, the Democratic incumbents in our battleground of 40 districts had a 6-point advantage over a generic Republican challenger.  36 of these 40 Democrats went on to lose their seats.  And in June of 2007, in the top 35 most competitive Republican-held districts, the incumbents also held a 6-point lead.  19 of those 35 Republicans went on to lose their seats.

And of course, we know that in 2010, two-thirds of Democrats in McCain seats could not hold on.  The Republicans in Obama seats are already at risk.

via Democracy Corps » Congressional Battleground 2012.

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Poll: Public already losing patience with new Congress | McClatchy

That was a short Honeymoon….

I love it about politicians wanting to explain “the deliberate pace of Washington” to their constituents….

Never crosses their mind to change or adapt…

I’m afraid this is just going to get messier with the GOP passing insane bills in the House and the Senate stopping them.  At least as long as the Dems hold the Senate…

It could get really scary after 2012 if the GOP takes the Senate, too….

WASHINGTON — Once again, the public is getting increasingly disgusted with Washington.

It sees a failure to adopt remedies for even the most basic, pressing issues of the day, as Congress struggles to craft a federal budget. And incumbents are getting worried about the political implications.

“It’s hurting some of us,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who’s up for re-election next year. “They blame everybody.”

A new Pew Research Center poll shows that about half of Americans think the debate over spending and deficits has been “generally rude and disrespectful.”

There’s even bipartisan agreement — 48 percent of Republicans and Democrats have that view, as well as 57 percent of independents. President Barack Obama signed legislation Friday to provide funding to keep the government open until April 8, the sixth such temporary extension in the 6-month-old fiscal year.

Pew surveyed 1,525 adults from March 8-14. The poll’s findings suggest the political losers so far have been Republicans, who rode a wave of voter irritation to win control of the House of Representatives last fall.

After the election, 35 percent said Republicans had a better approach to the deficit, expected to reach a record $1.65 trillion this year. This month, that number has plunged to 21 percent.

People don’t think Obama has better ideas, either — 20 percent found his approach better, down from November’s 24 percent. Total sample margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The most restless constituency has involved supporters of the conservative tea party movement. After the November election, where backers helped elect dozens of congressional Republicans, three of four movement supporters liked GOP budget plans. This month that figure dropped to 52 percent.

“People are growing impatient,” said Carroll Doherty, Pew associate director.

They’ve been impatient for years. In 2006, voters gave Democrats control of both Houses of Congress for the first time in 12 years. Two years later, Obama, a Democrat, reclaimed the White House for his party after eight years of Republican George W. Bush. Last year, Republicans reclaimed control of the House.

“The American public is getting tired of change elections and then not seeing change. There have been three change elections in a row, but people today figure things are still adrift,” said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducts the McClatchy-Marist poll.

Political veterans are scrambling to educate their constituents about the deliberate pace of Washington.

via Poll: Public already losing patience with new Congress | McClatchy.

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Winning: Independent voters say they’d pick Charlie Sheen over Sarah Palin | The Raw Story

Oh, well….

I guess it really is the beginning of the end for the Devine Sarah…

Charlie Sheen is winning, and he literally didn’t even try.

A recent poll found that the more independent voters would vote for the disgraced actor in a presidential matchup against Fox News employee Sarah Palin.

While two-thirds of those asked in the PPP survey (.pdf) viewed Sheen unfavorably, independents apparently like Palin even less.

Among independent voters, 41 percent would cast their ballot for Sheen. Only 36 percent would select Palin in the hypothetical matchup.

“We’ve found a lot of brutal poll numbers for Sarah Palin so far in 2011: down in South Dakota, down in South Carolina, down in Arizona, only up by 1 point in Texas, only up by 1 point in Nebraska to name a few,” PPP’s Tom Jenson wrote. “But this has to be the worst.”

via Winning: Independent voters say they’d pick Charlie Sheen over Sarah Palin | The Raw Story.

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Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”? | Mother Jones

More coverage on the changing poll numbers…

The GOP campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs and hasn’t done a thing about creating jobs since they took over the House.  Instead, they are pursuing radical budget cuts and tax cuts for Corporations and the Rich that will kill jobs and the recovery.

And going after policies and institutions that either a) dare to question them and hold them accountable or b) don’t fit their 19th Century notions of the role of women and minorities.

But the public is getting wise to the Republicans-again.

Let’s hope the Electorate retains the information better this time….

From David Corn at MotherJones:

Before the 2010 congressional elections, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his fellow GOPers developed and implemented a simple campaign strategy: say “where are the jobs?” over and over and over. Even though the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had declared thst President Barack Obama’s stimulus package had created or saved about 3 million jobs and a recovery (albeit weak) was under way, the Republicans blamed Obama for screwing up the economy (not Wall Street or the Bush-Cheney administration). In politics, an attack doesn’t have to be fair or accurate to work—and this one did.

Since then, have you heard Boehner screaming about jobs? No. He and his comrades have focused on one thing: cutting government spending, which will undoubtedly lead to job loss in the short run (if not the long run). Wait—that’s not fair. They’ve also focused on abortion (with legislation that would make it harder for a woman who was raped to obtain federal assistance for an abortion), Planned Parenthood (with legislation that would defund the outfit), NPR (ditto), and American Muslims (with today’s hearings on radicalization among Muslim Americans). There’s not been much talk of jobs.

Consequently, this new poll from Bloomberg is hardly a surprise:

Americans say President Barack Obama lacks an effective strategy for improving the U.S. economy. They have much less confidence in the Republican vision for success.

By a margin of 51 percent to 40 percent, a Bloomberg National Poll shows Americans say Obama lacks the right formula for long-term growth, a goal he presented in his State of the Union address with the phrase “win the future.”

The Democratic president still does better than Republicans: When asked who has a better vision for the years ahead, 45 percent of poll respondents chose Obama and 33 percent picked the Republicans.

Four months ago, the GOPers shellacked the Democrats. They became the new kids on the block and claimed they were eager to refurnish their image with the American public. Yet once in power, they have reverted to their old ways—culture war and spending cuts.

via Boehner, Where Is, “Where Are the Jobs?”? | Mother Jones.

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Daily Kos: Voters trending towards Obama, away from GOP on deficit, economy

More from DailyKos on today’s poll numbers…

Please click the link for their detailed analysis…

DemFromCT took a detailed look at the latest ABC/Washington Post numbers earlier today, but I think these numbers bear repeating:

Chart based on ABC/Washington Post polling data (Source)


So since their post-election honeymoon, the GOP has had something of a nightmare, dropping a net of 13 points on who voters trust to deal with economy and an amazing 17 points on the federal budget deficit.

Although it’s somewhat surprising to see their numbers fall so quickly, it was bound to happen: not only have Republicans failed to do a single thing to improve the jobs situation, they are way out-of-step with the public on fiscal issues.

If Republicans keep this up, Democrats might be able to seriously talk about retaking the House.

via Daily Kos: Voters trending towards Obama, away from GOP on deficit, economy.

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Public Policy Polling: Brutal numbers for Kasich, SB 5

More Buyer’s Remorse with the GOP Governor in Ohio….

I do hope the tied is turning and lasts through the 2012 elections…

Elections have consequences and we are seeing them now with the out of control GOP Governors and House….

There are two things particularly notable in the crosstabs on all of these questions. The first is that non-union households are supportive of the public employees. 54% support their collective bargaining rights to 36% in opposition and 44% say they would vote to repeal SB 5 to 38% who would let it stand. Obviously that level of support is not nearly as high as among union households but it still shows that the workers have even most of the non-union public behind them.

The other thing that’s worth noting is the independents. A lot of attention has been given to the way what’s been going on in Ohio and Wisconsin is galvanizing the Democratic base, but it’s also turning independents who were strongly supportive of the GOP in the Midwest last year back against the party. 62% of independents support collective bargaining for public employees to 32% opposed and 53% support repeal of SB 5 to 32% who would let it stand.

All of this is having an absolutely brutal effect on John Kasich’s numbers. We find him with just a 35% approval rating and 54% of voters disapproving of him. His approval with people who voted for him is already all the way down to 71%, while he’s won over just 5% of folks who report having voted for Ted Strickland last fall. Particularly concerning for him is a 33/54 spread with independents.

Voters in the state are having significant buyers remorse about the results of last fall’s election. In a rematch 55% say they would now vote for Ted Strickland to just 40% who would vote for Kasich. Because this is a sample of all registered voters in the state and not just those who voted in last fall’s Republican heavy electorate the self identified 2010 vote of this sample is 49% for Strickland and 46% for Kasich but that still suggests a 12 point movement toward Strickland among those surveyed over the last four months.

via Public Policy Polling: Brutal numbers for Kasich, SB 5.

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Poll: Budget Impasse Cements Public’s Disapproval of Washington – The Washington Post

Interesting Poll results out today from the Washington Post/ABC News.

In summary, everyone thinks government is broken, many more people trust President Obama to handle the economy than the GOP and people have lost faith in the Republicans on the economy.

Serious Buyers Remorse on the GOP Congress….

The early battles in Washington this year have cemented the public’s disapproval of the political system and the country’s leadership, with confidence in congressional Republicans sagging and majorities disapproving of how President Obama is handling top domestic issues, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

In a sweeping indicator of dissatisfaction with Washington, just 26 percent of Americans say they are optimistic about “our system of government and how well it works,” a low point in polls dating to 1974. This gloomy assessment is shared by Democrats and Republicans, even as they agree on little else.


When it comes to dealing with issue No. 1, the economy, Obama has an advantage: 46 percent say they put more faith in the president, 34 percent say so about congressional Republicans. Obama has a similar 12-point lead on the question of who better understands the economic problems people face, and a nine-point edge on dealing with the deficit.

via Poll: Budget impasse cements public’s disapproval of Washington – The Washington Post.

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