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The G.O.P. Presidential Debate

Every time I look at the current field of Republican Presidential Candidates, all I can think about is the old Cher song “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.”

No one is really paying much attention right now, but this really is a pathetic group of candidates.

But then, the GOP has become a pretty sorry excuse for a Political Party with its focus on bigotry, ignorance and lies….

From the New York Times Editorial Page:


Monday’s Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire — full of historical error, economic obfuscation, avoidance of hard truths and even outright bigotry — was a feast for connoisseurs of political dysfunction. Desperate to avoid being outflanked on the right, the seven candidates tried so hard to outdo each other in finding fault with President Obama that they seemed to forget that they are competing for the same party nomination. By evening’s end, they had melted into an indistinguishable mass of privatizing, tax-cutting opponents of Shariah law.

For the moment, the candidates are appealing to a Republican Party whose core is so contorted in fury at Mr. Obama that it barely resembles the one that nominated George W. Bush in 2000. Mr. Bush may have prosecuted the war on terror to excess, but he always reminded the country that it was not at war with Islam. This batch of Republicans has dispensed with such niceties. Herman Cain repeated his earlier statement that he would not be comfortable with a Muslim in his cabinet. Some, he explained, “are trying to kill us.”

None of the other candidates took him to task for this. Mitt Romney, a Mormon who has himself been the subject of religious slurs, at least mentioned the nation’s founding principle of religious tolerance and respect but missed an opportunity to include Muslims. Newt Gingrich tumbled over the historical cliff with the idea, announcing some kind of loyalty oath to serve in his administration, similar to that used in dealing with Nazis and Communists. At least no one brandished a list of known Muslims serving in Mr. Obama’s State Department.

via The G.O.P. Presidential Debate – NYTimes.com.

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Even Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’: New York Magazine

But they still push her out there and give her a platform to share her stupidity….

From Michael Calderone in New York Magazine:

Fox News still dominates the cable news ratings, but chairman Roger Ailes wants something more: to help elect the next president.

That’s the takeaway from Gabriel Sherman’s New York magazine cover story hitting newsstands Monday. Sherman, who’s currently writing a book on Fox News for Random House, looks at how Ailes — who built up a stable of possible presidential contenders after the 2008 election, including Sarah Palin — isn’t so pleased with their chances at beating President Barack Obama in 2012.

Ailes doesn’t speak on the record in the article, but several Republicans close to the Fox News chief describe his concerns going into an election year.

“He thinks things are going in a bad direction,” another Republican close to Ailes told [Sherman]. “Roger is worried about the future of the country. He thinks the election of Obama is a disaster. He thinks Palin is an idiot. He thinks she’s stupid. He helped boost her up. People like Sarah Palin haven’t elevated the conservative movement.”

Ailes, a television titan, has schooled past presidential candidates on how to handle the media. Before helping Rupert Murdoch launch Fox News in 1996, Ailes worked as a strategist for Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (whom he still talks to regularly).

via Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’: New York Magazine.

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Newt Gingrich: Dancing Queen

From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction File via Celeste Katz in the New York Daily News:

The Republican firebrand is such a fan of the sugary Swedish songsters that his cell phone ringtone is the group’s hit “Dancing Queen.” Gingrich also thinks “Mamma Mia,” a movie starring Meryl Streep that features the tune, is “amazing.”

“It’s just fun,” he said. “When they do ‘Dancing Queen’ in the movie, I just think it’s a great sequence. I love that sequence — the energy, the excitement.”

Gingrich’s secret passion for ABBA was revealed when his cell phone suddenly rang during a campaign stop in Iowa, where he has been trying to launch a presidential campaign.

“Dancing Queen,” Gingrich sheepishly admitted, is his ringtone.

“My wife warned me this would happen,” he said, referring to third wife, Calista.

Gingrich said Calista’s ringtone is another ABBA tune, but he declined to divulge which one saying he wanted to add “a little mystique.”

“I’ll let you guess,” he said, grinning, “I’m not telling.”

via Newt Gingrich Hearts His ABBA Ringtone | New York Daily News.

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Secret Donors Multiply in U.S. Election Spending – Bloomberg

People laughed at Hillary Clinton when she talked about the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” all those years ago….

Little did we know how right she was…..

Commission on Hope and four other Republican-leaning groups spent at least $4.05 million attacking candidates in the run-up to the November voting, according to Campaign Media estimates and TV station records obtained by Bloomberg News. None of that spending can be found searching the public database of the Federal Election Commission, and FEC spokeswoman Mary Brandenberger said the commission has no record of it.

Federal law requires FEC disclosure of money spent on ads mentioning or depicting a candidate in the 60 days before a general election. The five groups whose spending wasn’t reported either declined to comment, were unreachable, or said they deemed the spending not reportable under the law.

via Secret Donors Multiply in U.S. Election Spending – Bloomberg.

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