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Ann Coulter Criticizes Newt Gingrich And South Carolina

The GOP establishment is letting all their major attack dogs loose on Gingrich now….

And none are scarier, loonier and more self-promoting than that junk yard dog Ann Coulter….

She’s kind of like a female Newt Gingrich…

If even she is after him, it is proof his South Carolina victory has really scared the Republican Establishment and, if he wins Florida, it’s going to be GOP Panic in the Streets time among the Washington elites…

Now, I’m just waiting for a nasty comment from Peggy Noonan when she “thinks” her mic is off– as so conveniently happened with her Sarah Palin comments.

We are heading toward a civil war in the GOP between the Establishment and that great big bunch of loonies who they call their Base….

The patients are starting to run the Mad House and the Corporate Republicans see the whole thing coming down around them in a loss of epic proportions if the Base takes charge and Newt wins their nomination….

Isn’t it lovely?

From HuffingtonPost.com

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter laid into GOP candidate Newt Gingrich and those in South Carolina who voted for him in the state’s primary on Saturday.

Coulter appeared on Fox News’ weekend edition of “Fox and Friends” on Sunday. Coulter, who staunchly supports GOP candidate Mitt Romney, criticized South Carolinians for rather having “the emotional satisfaction of a snotty remark toward the president than to beat Obama in the fall.” She criticized Gingrich for his debate performances, and said that he “would say things that didn’t really make sense. It’s what you usually associate with Democrats.”

Coulter continued to rip Gingrich and called him the “least electable” of the Republican candidates. She also described Gingrich as the “least conservative.” She added that in electing Gingrich, “South Carolina [was] going back to its Democratic roots.”

via Ann Coulter Criticizes Newt Gingrich And South Carolina, Defends CNN’s John King (VIDEO).

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Newt Gingrich and Richard Nixon: Flawed, Dangerous and So Much Alike….

This guy really nails it in this article:  Newt wants to be Reagan, but he’s really more like Nixon.

Mean, insecure, petty, divisive, petulant, vindictive, smart and dangerous…..

Great article from Jon Meacham in “Time”:

He won with a glower. After Newt Gingrich in the Jan. 19 Republican debate fought off a totally reasonable question about an ex-wife’s account of his acknowledged adultery with an attack on “the elite media,” there was little doubt about what would happen. South Carolina is the rawest of GOP states, the political embodiment of the legacy of the man Gingrich was channeling with that stare and orchestrated outrage onstage: Richard Nixon.

Like every other living Republican (and more than a few living Democrats), Gingrich longs to be seen as the heir to Ronald Reagan. That’s understandable. Reagan is the Republican FDR, an exemplar of presidential greatness. You could play a rather serious drinking game during GOP debates if you took a shot at every evocation of Reagan. Beginning with his ads in New Hampshire contrasting himself as a “bold Reagan conservative” and Romney as a “Massachusetts moderate,” Gingrich has taken the Reagan strategy the furthest.

For all of this, though, Gingrich has much more in common with the 37th President than with the 40th. His language and even some of his mannerisms (remember the glower) directly descend from the Nixon of 1968.

The analogous elements are obvious. Like Nixon, Gingrich is smart, with a wide-ranging and entrepreneurial mind. Like Nixon, Gingrich is a striver who seems insecure around traditional establishment figures even though he has achieved much more than nearly all the politicians, editors and reporters he seems to at once loathe and fear. Like Nixon, Gingrich is fluent in the vernacular of cultural populism, brilliantly casting contemporary American life in terms of an overarching conflict between “real” people and distant “elites” bent on the destruction of all that is good and noble about the U.S.

His win in South Carolina on Saturday, Gingrich said, was about “something very fundamental that I wish the powers that be in the news media will take seriously: the American people feel that they have elites who have been trying for a half-century to force us to quit being American and become some kind of other system.”

Nixon was a genius at this kind of politics, speaking up, as he put it in accepting the Republican nomination in Miami in 1968, for “the forgotten Americans, the non-shouters, the non-demonstrators.” In his epochal memorandum on “Middle America and the Emerging Republican Majority,” Nixon political strategist Kevin Phillips spoke of the resentments “the great, ordinary, Lawrence Welkish mass of Americans from Maine to Hawaii” felt against the liberal elites who “make their money out of plans, ideas, communication, social upheaval, happenings, excitement,” according to Nixonland by Rick Perlstein. In recently released grand-jury testimony from 1975, Nixon told prosecutors that attacking him “is going to make you much more popular with the Washington press corps, with the Georgetown social set, if you ever go to Georgetown, with the power elite in this country.”

What is interesting about Gingrich is that his instincts for cultural division are leavened with a futuristic sense of possibility and progress that has something in common with Bill Clinton’s cheery politics of tomorrow. These marbled elements, I think, help account for Gingrich’s unevenness as a candidate and as an incumbent back in the day.

The question now is how far the Nixonian strategy can take Gingrich, who will doubtless continue to invoke the sunnier Reagan while using tactics learned from the darker Nixon. For most candidates, the kind of anger Gingrich is stirring is a good starter but not a good finisher — yet there is another element of the 2012 story with antecedents in 1968 that has yet to play out. “Watching George Romney [father of Mitt Romney] run for the presidency,” said Governor James Rhodes of Ohio, “was like watching a duck try to make love to a football.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, except that the bid was an undertaking that did not work. We’ll soon see whether there is anything new under the (Florida) sun.

More:   Newt Gingrich and Richard Nixon: Insecure, Smart Strivers | TIME Ideas | TIME.com.

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Every Woman Loves a Fascist….Or Do Newt’s Women Read Sylvia Plath?

My Liberal Arts Education is showing again…

Only I would connect Newt Gingrich with a Sylvia Plath poem as representative of  his interaction with the women in his life…

I was thinking of Newt and his wives and when the famous Sylvia Plath quote from her poem “Daddy” came to mind:

Every woman adores a Fascist,
The boot in the face, the brute

As I read the poem, it just seemed to be more and more applicable to the situation.

And, ultimately, “the brute:” is destroyed by the Woman and the Village…

Have wives One and Two read Plath?

Based on her recent statements, I think Mrs. Gingrich Number Two has….

You stand at the blackboard, daddy,
In the picture I have of you,
A cleft in your chin instead of your foot
But no less a devil for that, no not
Any less the black man who

Bit my pretty red heart in two.
I was ten when they buried you.
At twenty I tried to die
And get back, back, back to you.
I thought even the bones would do.

But they pulled me out of the sack,
And they stuck me together with glue.
And then I knew what to do.
I made a model of you,
A man in black with a Meinkampf look

And a love of the rack and the screw.
And I said I do, I do.
So daddy, I’m finally through.
The black telephone’s off at the root,
The voices just can’t worm through.

If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two—
The vampire who said he was you
And drank my blood for a year,
Seven years, if you want to know.
Daddy, you can lie back now.

There’s a stake in your fat black heart
And the villagers never liked you.
They are dancing and stamping on you.
They always knew it was you.
Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through.

Here is a link to the full poem:


Discuss among yourselves…..

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Newt Gingrich: The Return of the Megalomaniacal Opportunist

Very good perspective on Newt Gingrich and his lack of  character from Maureen Dowd in today’s New York Times.

It will be interesting to see if Newt does pull off his comeback against Romney for the GOP nomination.

Either one should be an easy target for President Obama, but Newt is especially easy to take on and hopefully take down.

The man is, as Maureen says, a megalomaniac, a liar, and a hypocrite.  The more you get to know Newt, the more you grow to hate him.  And to feel slimy for just reading about him…

My only concern is that, if by some fluke he does win the Presidency, he could be by far the biggest danger to both the country and the world.

Again, this guy is a megalomaniac.  And probably a sociopath….

Romney is a mundane opportunist who reverses himself on core issues. Gingrich is a megalomaniacal opportunist who brazenly indulges in the same sins that he rails about to tear down political rivals.

Republicans have a far greater talent for hypocrisy than easily cowed Democrats do — and no doubt appreciate that in a leader.

Gingrich led the putsch against Democratic Speaker Jim Wright in 1988, bludgeoning him for an ethically sketchy book deal. The following year, as he moved into the House Republican leadership, he himself got in trouble for an ethically sketchy book deal.

Gingrich was part of the House Republican mob trying to impeach Bill Clinton for hiding his affair with a young government staffer, even as Newt himself was hiding his affair with a young government staffer.

Gingrich has excoriated Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for dragging the country into a financial spiral and now demands that Freddie Mac be broken up. But it turns out that he was on contract with Freddie for six years and paid $1.6 million to $1.8 million (yacht trips and Tiffany’s bling for everyone!) to help the company strategize about how to soften up critical conservatives and stay alive.

At a Republican debate in New Hampshire last month before this lucrative deal became public, Gingrich suggested that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should be put in jail. “All I’m saying is, everybody in the media who wants to go after the business community ought to start by going after the politicians who were at the heart of the sickness that is weakening this country,” he said.

Another transcendent moment in Gingrich hypocrisy. He risibly rationalized his deal, saying he was giving the mortgage company advice as a prestigious historian rather than a hired gun.

Gingrich boasts that he’s full of fresh ideas, but it always seems to essentially be the same old one: Let’s turn the clock back to the ’50s. Just as Newt, who dodged service in Vietnam, once cast the Clintons as hippie “McGovernicks,” now he limns the Occupy Wall Street protesters as hippies who need to take a bath and get a job.

Maybe the ideal man to fix Washington’s dysfunction is the one who made it dysfunctional. He broke it so he should own it. And Newt has the best reason to long for the presidency: He’d never be banished to the back of Air Force One again.

via My Man Newt – NYTimes.com.

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Newt Gingrich: Child Labor Laws Are ‘Stupid’

No,  Newt Gingrich is stupid.

And an absolutely self-absorbed, hypocritical, entitled, heartless, pandering, pompous ass.  Just like he was when we last saw him 20 years ago….

I hope he is the GOP Nominee.  He’ll be even easier to beat than Romney.

Romney is merely an entitled, pandering, corporate whore who is clueless about the real world.

Newt is a cocky prick who actually believes some of the crap he says.  He genuinely thinks he is too smart for the room.  Good news is his pontifications either disgust or scare the hell out of most other people….

From Huffington Post:

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich called child labor laws “stupid” Friday in an appearance at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

“It is tragic what we do in the poorest neighborhoods, entrapping children in, first of all, child laws, which are truly stupid,” said the former House speaker, according to CNN. “Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they would have pride in the schools, they’d begin the process of rising.”

“You’re going to see from me extraordinarily radical proposals to fundamentally change the culture of poverty in America,” he added.

Generally, the Fair Labor Standards Act allows minors over 14 to work in most jobs, with several exceptions for minors under that age. Hours are limited for minors under the age of 16. Some states have higher age standards.

He also said Saturday Occupy Wall Street protesters should “take a bath” and “get a job.”

Gingrich has risen in the polls to a virtual tie with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

He still faces questions over his role as a consultant for Freddie Mac, for which he was paid at least $1.5 million for strategic advice from 1999 to 2007. Gingrich has denied ever lobbying for the company and had criticized then-candidate Barack Obama for accepting campaign contributions from the firm. In an interview with USA Today published Monday, he said, “You start with people with a socialist bias that you shouldn’t earn money. If you do, “you’re automatically suspicious of having done something bad,” he added.

Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner disputed Gingrich’s claim that he was never a lobbyist. The columnist reported that the former House speaker tried to convince Capitol Hill Republicans to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare while being paid for by drug companies. Gingrich denied the report Monday, saying he publicly advocated the benefit and was doing well financially at the time.

Gingrich unveiled a plan Monday to allow younger workers to invest their Social Security in private retirement accounts, similar to an unsuccessful plan proposed by former President George W. Bush.

In an interview over the weekend with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Gingrich was asked how he is a better candidate than in the past. He said, “I do fewer dumb things.”

via Newt Gingrich: Child Labor Laws Are ‘Stupid’.

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Newt Gingrich: Obama Is So Bad, Black People Will Vote Republican

More delusional rhetoric from  the delusional Newt Gingrich and the delusional GOP.

Whatever happened to reality based Politics?  Politics used to be the ultimate game for realists, now it’s the province of liars, misfits, miscreants, the mal-adjusted and, as Cher sang, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves- at least on the GOP side…

The Dems sometimes seem to be trying to catch up….

From TalkingPointsMemo:


Newt Gingrich fired up the crowd in this blue state with the promise that President Obama is so bad that he’s made it possible for the Republicans to win over the African American vote in 2012.

Gingrich stopped off at an airport Marriott near Baltimore Thursday to keynote the Maryland GOP’s annual Red, White & Blue banquet. Before the speech, he assured reporters that his campaign was still going strong. When he took the podium, he offered Republican donors a long, dense speech full of red meat and warnings about the state of the world around us.

He also said it was time for Republicans to tell African Americans how terrible Obama has been for them.

He broke out the “Obama is the food stamp president” line that got him in racial trouble earlier in the campaign.

But this time, he spun the line into a suggestion that the African American vote is ripe for the plucking.

Here’s how the line works: Obama is the food stamp president, Gingrich says, whereas he wants to be the paycheck president. The difference comes down to creating jobs or not, and Gingrich says he knows how to create them.

And that’s where the black vote comes in.

“No administration in modern times has failed younger blacks more than the Obama administration,” Gingrich said.

He explained that “in May, we had 41% unemployment among black teenagers in America.” That means if Republicans can put on a brave face, they might be able to turn the African American vote their way.

Think of the social catastrophe of 41% of a community not being able to find a job. But we have to have the courage to walk into that neighborhood, to talk to that preacher, to visit that small business, to talk to that mother. And we have to have a convincing case that we actually know how to create jobs.

“The morning they believe that, you’re going to see margins in percents you never dreamed of decide there’s a better future,” Gingrich said. “It takes courage, it takes hard work, it takes discipline and it’s doable.”

“I will bet you there is not a single precinct in this state in which the majority will pick for their children food stamps over paychecks,” he said.

Gingrich isn’t the only Republican on the trail talking up Obama’s failures when it comes to minority populations. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) told an audience of Republicans in New Orleans that Obama “has failed the African American community” on jobs. She said that he’s failed the Latino community — which is also suffering from record unemployment — as well.

Most of Gingrich’s speech wasn’t about wooing minority votes. He spent much of his time on stage talking about a coming “tsunami of violence” from terrorists and warning that Obama’s “vision of the American Constitution is a mortal threat to our freedoms.”

via Newt Gingrich: Obama Is So Bad, Black People Will Vote Republican | TPMDC.

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Newt Gingrich: Dancing Queen

From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction File via Celeste Katz in the New York Daily News:

The Republican firebrand is such a fan of the sugary Swedish songsters that his cell phone ringtone is the group’s hit “Dancing Queen.” Gingrich also thinks “Mamma Mia,” a movie starring Meryl Streep that features the tune, is “amazing.”

“It’s just fun,” he said. “When they do ‘Dancing Queen’ in the movie, I just think it’s a great sequence. I love that sequence — the energy, the excitement.”

Gingrich’s secret passion for ABBA was revealed when his cell phone suddenly rang during a campaign stop in Iowa, where he has been trying to launch a presidential campaign.

“Dancing Queen,” Gingrich sheepishly admitted, is his ringtone.

“My wife warned me this would happen,” he said, referring to third wife, Calista.

Gingrich said Calista’s ringtone is another ABBA tune, but he declined to divulge which one saying he wanted to add “a little mystique.”

“I’ll let you guess,” he said, grinning, “I’m not telling.”

via Newt Gingrich Hearts His ABBA Ringtone | New York Daily News.

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