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Royal Wedding Proves Worldwide Gay Population Vastly Under-Reported

From Bill Maher via Twitter:

“Its being reported that a third of the world watched the royal wedding – and yet they claim gays are only 3 pct of population?”

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Royal Wedding: David Beckham’s last-minute OBE switch

I can’t believe he did this…

I thought everyone knew you wear your OBE Medal on you left lapel….

From the Daily Mail:

He rarely puts a step wrong in the style stakes.

But despite looking groomed to perfection and dapper in his Ralph Lauren morning suit, David Beckham had a very small slip-up today at the Royal Wedding.

The footballer arrived at Westminster Abbey this morning proudly wearing his OBE medal displayed – but unfortunately, David wore it on his right lapel.

via Royal Wedding: David Beckham’s last-minute OBE switch | Mail Online.

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The First Royal “Wedding of the Century”: Grace Kelly to Prince Ranier of Monaco

Here is the newsreel coverage of the marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Ranier….

I can’t help but think Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge, drew some inspiration from Grace’s dress and veil…

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Kate Middleton debuts high in new survey of the most attractive royals – NYPOST.com

What can I say?

I can’t help but get caught up in this….

Kate Middleton’s wedding is still 11 days away, but she has already been crowned the third most beautiful royal of all time — surpassing even Princess Diana.

Her soon-to-be highness’s high cheekbones and regal smile put her just below Princess Grace and Queen Rania of Jor dan on the rankings, according to a survey conducted by the social- network site Beautiful People.com.

“That was a big surprise — that she surpassed Princess Diana,” said Greg Hodge, manag ing director of the site. “But unlike Diana, who grew into her role, Kate Middleton comes in very fashion-forward. She’s living this fairy tale, and is about to become the most famous princess in the world.”

That Princess Grace remains unmatched is understandable, however.

“She’s iconic and remains so,” Hodge said.

via Kate Middleton debuts high in new survey of the most attractive royals – NYPOST.com.

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The Royal Wedding: Behind the Cameras

Somehow this didn’t make it to the televised version I saw….

Thanks to my friend Kirk for making me aware of this…

But I really prefer the dignity of the real thing…

I’m always  up for any event that requires hats, gloves and understated elegance…

At least until the second hour of the reception….

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In Honor of the Royal Wedding…

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An Over-the-Top British Wedding: And Not the One You’re Thinking of-“My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”

I just read about this British series and had to look it up on YouTube…

It’s called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”….

This just might over shadow the Royal Wedding as Kate won’t be able to top these dresses!

The whole series is on YouTube if you become fascinated….

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