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Mommie, uh, Maggie Dearest?

I haven’t yet seen the film, but this clip from “The Iron Lady” with Meryl Streep couldn’t help but make me think of  Faye Dunaway in “Mommie Dearest”….

I’m going to have to force myself to see this movie.  I can’t imagine 2 more hours of Margaret Thatcher after we had to deal with her for 11 years in power….

I just hope  I’ll be pleasantly surprised and “The Iron Lady” is at least half as entertaining as “Mommie Dearest”- even if I’m sure it’s not as campy….

At least Faye delivers the message more succinctly, if less elegantly….

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What Princess Diana’s Life Might Look Like Now

Princess Diana’s death was kind of like the Kennedy Assassination for me and my generation.  We were young adults when it happened and most of us remember exactly where we were when we heard.

Steve and I were sitting on the patio of a long-closed restaurant on Tate Street having dinner and cocktails with friends when the waiter interrupted our merriment to tell us the  news.  We all rushed into the bar to see the TV…

Today, I saw this interesting article from Tina Brown in Newsweek on what Diana, Princess of Wales, might have evolved to being had she lived….

It’s fun to speculate.  It would have been much better if she had lived to fascinate us a lot longer…

Diana would have been 50 this month. What would she have been like? Still great-looking: that’s a given. Her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, with her cornflower-blue eyes and striding sexuality, was a handsome woman to the very end. Fashionwise, Diana would have gone the J.Crew and Galliano route à la Michelle Obama, always knowing how to mix the casual with the glam. There is no doubt she would have kept her chin taut with strategic Botox shots and her bare arms buff from the gym. Remarriage? At least two, I suspect, on both sides of the Atlantic. Always so professional herself, she would have soon grown exasperated with Dodi Al-Fayed’s hopeless unreliability. After the breakup I see her moving to her favorite city, New York, spending a few cocooned years safely married to a super-rich hedge-fund guy who could provide her with what she called “all the toys”: the plane, the private island, the security detail. Gliding sleekly into her 40s, her romantic taste would have moved to men of power over boys of play. She’d have tired of the hedge-fund guy and drifted into undercover trysts with someone more exciting—a high-mindedly horny late-night talk-show host, or a globe-trotting French finance wizard destined for the Élysée Palace. I suspect she would have retained a weakness for men in uniform, and a yen for dashing Muslim men. (A two-year fling with a Pakistani general, rumored to have links to the ISI, would have been a particular headache to the Foreign Office and the State Department.) Davos and the Clinton Global Initiative would have become her new post-palace power circles. She would perhaps have caused a press sensation with an unplanned pledge from the CGI stage to raise $50 million to help educate women in South Sudan.

via What Princess Diana’s Life Might Look Like Now – Newsweek.

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Royal Wedding Proves Worldwide Gay Population Vastly Under-Reported

From Bill Maher via Twitter:

“Its being reported that a third of the world watched the royal wedding – and yet they claim gays are only 3 pct of population?”

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Happy Birthday, Patsy Stone!

I mean Joanna Lumley, the incredibly talented actress who played Patsy in “Absolutely Fabulous”, one of my favorite TV shows…

Even though, in those years Pats and Eddie hit a little close to home on occasion….

Joanna Lumley really is more than Patsy Stone.  She’s an incredibly talented British stage and film actress.

But she will forever be known to many as “Pats”.

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