Chapter 66: Mad About the Boy | My Southern Gothic Life

I’m being a little lazy on this blog, but much more prolific than usual on my other blog…

There is a new post upon  Here is an excerpt and a link to the full post:

Everyone one should have one John Ashley in their life.  But only one…

One is a voyage of youthful self-discovery, more than one is a sign of self-destruction and co-dependency setting you up for an intervention…..

I truly hope everyone has one Bad Boy in their past…Someone who was a youthful fascination they had the good sense to not marry….

If you are young, my best advice is to read this and learn.  If you are with a John Ashley, enjoy the moment, but keep your sense of perspective.  Boys like this aren’t for the long haul of life…

Boys like John Ashley are of a time and a place in your life.  Remember that.  It will save you a lot of emotional pain and money for divorce attorneys.

That said, let’s talk about John Ashley.

via Chapter 66: Mad About the Boy | My Southern Gothic Life.

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