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Paper Lantern Theatre presents “End Days”

I really enjoyed tonight’s sold-out performance of “End Days” as presented by The Paper Lantern Theatre Company at Triad Stage’s Upstage Cabaret here in Greensboro.

The production is beautifully acted and directed.  The play itself has some problems.  It’s over-written, a little repetitive, in places, and I think would play better if cut to a 90 minute play with no-intermission.  Also, it has the episodic/skit structure that is so popular with younger playwrights who were raised watching television.  However, it still makes for a very enjoyable evening in the theatre.

It’s the extremely talented cast and artful direction that really make it work.

If it’s not sold out for the last performances,  I would recommend you see it.

I also applaud Paper Lantern for doing so many new plays here in the Triad.  They are a great addition to our  theatrical community.  Paper Lantern consistently provides people here with a chance to see plays that made some noise off-Broadway, but would not normally have been done here in the past.  And they do them all very well…

I wish them a long and successful life!

More info from

Triad Stage presents Paper Lantern Theatre Co’s production of End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer, January 19-30 at Triad Stage’s UpStage Cabaret, 232 South Elm St, Greensboro.

End Days marks Paper Lantern Theatre Company’s two-year anniversary. In this rapturously funny play, Deborah Zoe Laufer addresses the question, If the rapture was indeed on its way this Wednesday, which of your close ones would be saved…truly saved? Variety describes End Days as “…a satirical dark comedy with a moral edge.”

Sixteen year old Rachel Stein (played by Cheryl Koski) is having a bad year. Her father (played by Lee Spencer) hasn’t changed out of his pajamas since 9/11. Her mother (played by Amy daLuz) has begun a close, personal relationship with Jesus (played by Matt Palmer). Her new neighbor, a sixteen-year-old Elvis impersonator (played by Chris Raddatz), has fallen for her hard. And the Apocalypse is coming on Wednesday. Her only hope is that Stephen Hawking (played by Matt Palmer) will save them all.

via Paper Lantern Theatre presents End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer | Paper Lantern Theatre | Triad Stage–Upstage Cabaret | PERFORMING ARTS |

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Coble seeks repeal of light bulb standard-

With all that’s going on in the world, one of Greensboro’s Congressmen can’t focus on anything but light bulbs.

As I’ve said many times, the Republicans can only look backwards…

The idea here is to save energy and lower electric bills, but Howard doesn’t seem to get that…

Could be because he’s a 15 watt bulb in a 100 watt socket…just not bright enough…

GREENSBORO — U.S. Rep. Howard Coble is among those urging colleagues in Congress to turn off the lights on a controversial provision of the 2007 energy bill.

The Greensboro Republican is a co-sponsor of a bill to repeal what some refer to — erroneously — as the incandescent bulb ban. Texas Reps. Joe Barton and Michael Burgess and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, all Republicans, were the original sponsors of the repeal measure.

The legislation is a long way from passing, but it is in keeping with Republican pledges to roll back laws they see as interfering with personal freedoms.

“It seems to me the Congress and the government is inserting its oars in waters where it doesn’t need to go,” Coble said Tuesday, adding that people ought to choose which kind of light bulb they want to use for themselves.

“This ought to be a personal decision rather than being an edict from on high.”

The 2007 bill sets energy efficiency standards for light bulbs. It doesn’t specifically ban incandescent bulbs, but it would phase out the cheap, 50 cents-a-piece, single-filament model based on Thomas Edison’s century-old design.

The rationale behind the bill had to do with cutting down the energy Americans use by making lighting fixtures more efficient. Rather than ban possession or use of any one bulb, it prohibits retailers from selling the less energy-efficient models, phasing in the new rules between 2012 and 2014.

via Coble seeks repeal of light bulb standard : : Greensboro & the Triad’s most trusted source for local news and analysis.

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Deep Roots Market Proposes Downtown Grocery Store | | Triad, NC | Local News

This is great news from the News & Record.

I always want to support Deep Roots more, but they don’t ever have everything I need.  Hopefully this will enable them to carry more local produce and fresh, safe meats.  I love the idea of a cafe.

And this will be very convenient for us.  Good news all around!

Deep Roots Market announced it has signed a contingency lease agreement with North Eugene Partners, LLC to build a downtown area grocery store.

The builder will construct a 10,500 square foot building on the 600 block of N. Eugene Street, between Smith St. and Fisher Ave.

Final lease signing and construction will be depend on certain conditions being met in the next few months. If the project goes forward as scheduled, construction will begin in March and the store will open in October.

Downtown residents have long hoped for a grocery store within easy driving and walking distance.

The proposed store, on the northern perimeter of downtown, will be easily accessible to downtown residents and workers, but will also be connected by major roads to all parts of Greensboro. It will be located along the proposed path of the Downtown Greenway.

Deep Roots has been in business since 1976 and focuses on local, natural, and organic products. By expanding to this larger store, Deep Roots will be able to add a deli and café, clean-raised fresh meats, and a beer and wine section, as well as expanding other selections of the store. The new store will also offer a community room which will be available for classes, meetings, and other uses.

Deep Roots Market is owned by over 1,700 households in the Greensboro area. For more information about Deep Roots Market visit

via Deep Roots Market Proposes Downtown Grocery Store | | Triad, NC | Local News.

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Daily Kos: Kay Hagan betrays key constituency

I was afraid of this….

I supported Kay Hagan and contributed to her campaign.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing so again next time.  I will probably vote for her, but that’s it.

These Democrats need to learn they are not Republican-Lites and that is not why we vote for them…

Republicans excel in driving excitement in their Base. Democrats seem to live to disappoint and beat down their Base in order to look more Republican.


From DailyKos:

Sen. Kay Hagan is already running for reelection in North Carolina for what she clearly sees as a tough hold in 2016. She will be a freshman senator running for reelection for the first time — the most vulnerable point for any elected official. If the economy and political climate haven’t improved by then — and there’s no guarantee that they will — Hagan’s road to reelection will be a tough slog. And she won’t have Obama’s coattails among African Americans to pad her numbers.

Without that black vote, she’s got a much more difficult path to reelection. She lost the white male vote 67-32, and didn’t fare much better with white women, 62-38. Given that the white vote was 72 percent of the total, and that she lost it 64-35 (with a significant chunk of that 35 percent being young voters), it doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out who delivered the knockout blow. It was brown voters.

Per the exit polls, African Americans were 23 percent of the vote, and Hagan won them 95-5. The four percent who were Latino and Asian were too small for statistically valid data, so their results are not included, but their pro-hagan margins were similar.

Four percent of the 4.1 million votes cast in the race is 165,000 votes. Hagan’s margin of victory in 2008 was about 360,000. So sure, Hagan could’ve won without that vote, but there are more Latinos in North Carolina now than four years ago — growth that will be a big factor in North Carolina gaining a House seat during reapportionment. And Hagan won’t have the benefit of running against absentee celebrity senator Elizabeth Dole again, in the best pro-Democratic climate since forever.

When your winning coalition includes ethnic and racial minorities and young voters, and you face the voters in a non-presidential year that would bring out those low-performing groups, you have two approaches you can take — you can try to win more of that white vote, even though no Democrat has managed to pull it off in a southern state, or you can tap into the growth demographics and make sure they stay highly motivated and engaged.

North Carolina’s rapidly growing Latino population will be a big factor in the state’s expected gain of an extra House seat during reapportionment. They, along with a growing Asian community, could potentially be a key component of her reelection coalition.

via Daily Kos: Kay Hagan betrays key constituency.

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“The SantaLand Diaries” at Triad Stage and Christmas Entertainment in Greensboro

There really is so much to do here in Greensboro over Christmas, we really aren’t missing the fact that we aren’t going to New York for Christmas for the first time in years…

There are three real highlights of the season still playing…

There is “A Victorian Christmas” playing on South Elm Street that we thoroughly loved when we saw it last year.  There are “The Eight Reindeer Monologues” playing at the Broach that I previously mentioned in the blog.

And there is “The SantaLand Diaries” at the Upstage Cabaret at Triad Stage.

First of all, I love the room where SantaLand was presented.  I have had a good time at everything I’ve been in this space.  Greensboro has needed an intimate space like this for some time.  Especially one where you can sit at tables and drink during the performances!

I saw “SantaLand Diaries” on the main stage at Triad Stage a few years ago.  I really enjoyed that production, but I enjoyed this one even more in this space.

Adapted by Joe Mantello from the David Sedaris story, this “behind the scenes” look at the department store SantaLand at Macy’s New York Flagship store should be a perennial offering.

James Tunstall is great as Crumpet, the reluctant Macy’s elf.  He is an earthier Crumpet who really  works the room and the audience.  He was both at home in the room and fully in control of the room at the same time.  I love his characterization and his take on the character.  The Direction by Jeff Stanley really utilized the full room and Mr Tunstall’s talents.

I would say rush to see this at either the early or,  preferably,  the late show, but I hear they are sold out for the run.  But rumor has it, they may be adding shows, so keep your ears open and don’t miss the chance to see this fun holiday production.

Triad Stage is also presenting “A Christmas Carol” on their main stage.  I won’t be seeing or reviewing that.  I just can’t sit through yet another production of “A Christmas Carol”.  I wouldn’t be going to see that anywhere, no matter who did it,  even if they did it in the nude with tap dancers….But I hear that production is selling out also.

There are lots of other things going on in town.  Amy Grant and Vince Gill’s Christmas show is at the Coliseum tonight.  I’m sure there are even more things I haven’t looked into…

There is nothing boring about Greensboro as long as you know where to look…

Happy Holidays!

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“The Eight Reindeer Monologues”

If you are looking for some great, irreverent Holiday fun, I strongly suggest “The Eight Reindeer Monologues”, a play by Jeff Goode, at The Broach Theatre here in Greensboro, NC.

I don’t want to give away too much information, but let’s just say Santa may be guilty of sex crimes, Mrs Claus has a bit of a drinking problem and the reindeer have much more distinctive personalities than you may have suspected.

Excellent performances from all four actors-Jordan Hayes, Camilla Millican and especially stellar work from Lee Strickland and Tal Fish.

Go see it…It runs through December 18th.  More information at

You’ll never think of Santa and Rudolph the same way again..

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where-americans-are-getting-richer: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

I knew I was lucky, but this shows how lucky those of us with jobs are….

Greensboro, N.C., might not be the best place to find a steady job. But if you’ve already got one, chances are you’re doing better than you were a couple of years ago.

The city’s unemployment rate is 9.8%, nearly a point above the still-high national average. But those with college degrees who have managed to keep their jobs during the recession have seen their median income jump to $53,400 in 2010 from $48,900 in 2007.

via where-americans-are-getting-richer: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

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