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Daily Kos: Kay Hagan betrays key constituency

I was afraid of this….

I supported Kay Hagan and contributed to her campaign.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing so again next time.  I will probably vote for her, but that’s it.

These Democrats need to learn they are not Republican-Lites and that is not why we vote for them…

Republicans excel in driving excitement in their Base. Democrats seem to live to disappoint and beat down their Base in order to look more Republican.


From DailyKos:

Sen. Kay Hagan is already running for reelection in North Carolina for what she clearly sees as a tough hold in 2016. She will be a freshman senator running for reelection for the first time — the most vulnerable point for any elected official. If the economy and political climate haven’t improved by then — and there’s no guarantee that they will — Hagan’s road to reelection will be a tough slog. And she won’t have Obama’s coattails among African Americans to pad her numbers.

Without that black vote, she’s got a much more difficult path to reelection. She lost the white male vote 67-32, and didn’t fare much better with white women, 62-38. Given that the white vote was 72 percent of the total, and that she lost it 64-35 (with a significant chunk of that 35 percent being young voters), it doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out who delivered the knockout blow. It was brown voters.

Per the exit polls, African Americans were 23 percent of the vote, and Hagan won them 95-5. The four percent who were Latino and Asian were too small for statistically valid data, so their results are not included, but their pro-hagan margins were similar.

Four percent of the 4.1 million votes cast in the race is 165,000 votes. Hagan’s margin of victory in 2008 was about 360,000. So sure, Hagan could’ve won without that vote, but there are more Latinos in North Carolina now than four years ago — growth that will be a big factor in North Carolina gaining a House seat during reapportionment. And Hagan won’t have the benefit of running against absentee celebrity senator Elizabeth Dole again, in the best pro-Democratic climate since forever.

When your winning coalition includes ethnic and racial minorities and young voters, and you face the voters in a non-presidential year that would bring out those low-performing groups, you have two approaches you can take — you can try to win more of that white vote, even though no Democrat has managed to pull it off in a southern state, or you can tap into the growth demographics and make sure they stay highly motivated and engaged.

North Carolina’s rapidly growing Latino population will be a big factor in the state’s expected gain of an extra House seat during reapportionment. They, along with a growing Asian community, could potentially be a key component of her reelection coalition.

via Daily Kos: Kay Hagan betrays key constituency.

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“The SantaLand Diaries” at Triad Stage and Christmas Entertainment in Greensboro

There really is so much to do here in Greensboro over Christmas, we really aren’t missing the fact that we aren’t going to New York for Christmas for the first time in years…

There are three real highlights of the season still playing…

There is “A Victorian Christmas” playing on South Elm Street that we thoroughly loved when we saw it last year.  There are “The Eight Reindeer Monologues” playing at the Broach that I previously mentioned in the blog.

And there is “The SantaLand Diaries” at the Upstage Cabaret at Triad Stage.

First of all, I love the room where SantaLand was presented.  I have had a good time at everything I’ve been in this space.  Greensboro has needed an intimate space like this for some time.  Especially one where you can sit at tables and drink during the performances!

I saw “SantaLand Diaries” on the main stage at Triad Stage a few years ago.  I really enjoyed that production, but I enjoyed this one even more in this space.

Adapted by Joe Mantello from the David Sedaris story, this “behind the scenes” look at the department store SantaLand at Macy’s New York Flagship store should be a perennial offering.

James Tunstall is great as Crumpet, the reluctant Macy’s elf.  He is an earthier Crumpet who really  works the room and the audience.  He was both at home in the room and fully in control of the room at the same time.  I love his characterization and his take on the character.  The Direction by Jeff Stanley really utilized the full room and Mr Tunstall’s talents.

I would say rush to see this at either the early or,  preferably,  the late show, but I hear they are sold out for the run.  But rumor has it, they may be adding shows, so keep your ears open and don’t miss the chance to see this fun holiday production.

Triad Stage is also presenting “A Christmas Carol” on their main stage.  I won’t be seeing or reviewing that.  I just can’t sit through yet another production of “A Christmas Carol”.  I wouldn’t be going to see that anywhere, no matter who did it,  even if they did it in the nude with tap dancers….But I hear that production is selling out also.

There are lots of other things going on in town.  Amy Grant and Vince Gill’s Christmas show is at the Coliseum tonight.  I’m sure there are even more things I haven’t looked into…

There is nothing boring about Greensboro as long as you know where to look…

Happy Holidays!

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“The Eight Reindeer Monologues”

If you are looking for some great, irreverent Holiday fun, I strongly suggest “The Eight Reindeer Monologues”, a play by Jeff Goode, at The Broach Theatre here in Greensboro, NC.

I don’t want to give away too much information, but let’s just say Santa may be guilty of sex crimes, Mrs Claus has a bit of a drinking problem and the reindeer have much more distinctive personalities than you may have suspected.

Excellent performances from all four actors-Jordan Hayes, Camilla Millican and especially stellar work from Lee Strickland and Tal Fish.

Go see it…It runs through December 18th.  More information at

You’ll never think of Santa and Rudolph the same way again..

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where-americans-are-getting-richer: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

I knew I was lucky, but this shows how lucky those of us with jobs are….

Greensboro, N.C., might not be the best place to find a steady job. But if you’ve already got one, chances are you’re doing better than you were a couple of years ago.

The city’s unemployment rate is 9.8%, nearly a point above the still-high national average. But those with college degrees who have managed to keep their jobs during the recession have seen their median income jump to $53,400 in 2010 from $48,900 in 2007.

via where-americans-are-getting-richer: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

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Guilford County 2010 Voter Guide: From Replacements PAC

I thought I would pass on this information from Replacements PAC as I always go to them for guidance– especially on the judicial elections.  You don’t have to be LGBT to use this.  It also works really well for Progressives of any orientation….

If you go to their website, you will find additional guides for Caswell and Randolph Counties and other locations….

2010 LGBT Voter Guide

We have not listed the numerous uncontested races.

Guilford County

US Senate

(D) Elaine Marshall

US House Dist 6

(D) Sam Turner

US House Dist 12

(D)Mel Watt

US House Dist 13

(D) Brad Miller

NC Senate Dist 27

(D) Don Vaughan

NC Senate Dist 28

D) Gladys Robinson

NC House Dist 57

D) Pricey Harrison

NC House Dist 58

(D) Alma Adams

NC House Dist 59

(D) Maggie Jeffus

NC House Dist 60

(D) Marcus Brandon

NC House Dist 62

(L) Jeffery Simon


(D) Phil Wadsworth


(R) BJ Barnes

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Brady Seat)

(D) Robert C. (Bob) Hunter

Court of Appeals Judge (Calabria Seat)

(D) Jane Gray

Court of Appeals Judge (Elmore Seat)

(R) Rick Elmore

Court of Appeals Judge (Geer Seat)

(D) Martha Geer

Superior Court Judge Dist 18D

(D) Lindsay R. Davis, Jr.

District Court Judge Dist 18 (Jarrell Seat)

(D) H. Thomas (Tom) Jarrell, Jr.

Board of Education At-Large

(D) Nancy R. Routh

Board of Education Dist 2

(U) Ed Price

Court of Appeals (Thigpen Seat) — Special Instant Runoff Voting

We suggest voting for the following two candidates.

(D) Cressie Thigpen

(D) Stan Hammer

More Info via Replacements Ltd PAC.

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Say “No” to Hate in Winston Salem School Board Race

For those of you in Winston-Salem:

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Daily Kos: NC-Sen: Race tightening

From Dailykos…

I always thought this race was winnable if only Elaine could get on the air.  Richard Burr is such a non-entity corporate tool….

The most winnable race of the cycle the DSCC has ignored is the Senate race in North Carolina, where the party committee took one look at Democrat Eliane Marshall’s cash on hand numbers and decided to go play elsewhere. And yes, after the second quarter, it was bleak. After her protracted primary, Marshall had less than $200,000 in the bank compared to incumbent Republican Richard Burr’s $6 million.

Yet we’ve seen the last several cycles that the money race isn’t really about who has more, but whether the challenger has enough to get his or her message out and a political environment that is receptive to that message.

In North Carolina, Burr has never established any semblance of real popularity, and as such, was always a prime target. Yet Marshall’s money situation spurred Democrats to ignore Burr’s weaknesses — a decision that they may regret in two weeks:

The good news for Marshall is that she’s picking up undecided voters and closing the gap against Burr. She now trails by 8 points, 48-40, after facing a 13 point deficit against Burr three weeks ago. She’s starting to shore up her support with the base, getting 73% of Democrats compared to 65% in the previous poll.

And that base is getting larger as the level of interest from Democratic voters picks up with the election moving closer. In late September the likely voter pool for this year voted for John McCain by a 9 point margin, suggesting a massive drop in Democratic turnout given that Barack Obama actually won the state. Now the likely voter pool reflects an electorate that supported McCain by 4 points, still pointing to a decline in Democratic turnout but perhaps not as massive as it looked like it would be earlier in the cycle.

What changed? Like PPP notes, Democrats are coming home. And Marshall is finally on the air, after enduring seven weeks of unanswered Burr attack ads. Despite the disparity in the air war, Burr is still below 50 percent, and Marshall seems to be sucking up all the undecided votes.

Furthermore, 6.2 percent of the vote is already in thanks to North Carolina’s early voting. Among the 126,899 ballots received, Democrats have cast 43.5 percent of them compared to 38.8 percent for Republicans.

This one ain’t over.

via Daily Kos: NC-Sen: Race tightening.

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Congressman Brad Miller: Fair Game – In the Mortgage Drama, One Role Is Enough –

Interesting article about our Congressman Brad Miller in today’s New York Times:

MEET Brad Miller, a Democratic representative from North Carolina who was elected to Congress in 2002, talks straight and understands how big banks can put consumers at peril.

He is worth getting to know, not only because of his deep concern about the foreclosure epidemic, but also because he has made a compelling recommendation to level an exceedingly tilted playing field in mortgage finance.

Depending upon your perspective, Mr. Miller is either the right man in the right place on Capitol Hill — if you’re a consumer — or a threat to the status quo.

via Fair Game – In the Mortgage Drama, One Role Is Enough –

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Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Steve and I just got in from seeing this great documentary about Joan Rivers and Show Business.

I strongly recommend it!

It’s playing locally at the Carousel Grand….

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The Local Theatre Scene: Shows I Would Like to See

I’ve never understood how anyone can think Greensboro is boring. In addition to all the sports stuff- that I do not follow- we have an excellent and diverse performing arts scene. Our biggest problem, personally, is finding the time to attend all the things we would like to see.

There are so many different theatre companies in the Triad. They each seem to have their niche and we are blessed with that kind of diversity in theatrical options. Then we also have so many excellent College and University Theatre Departments.

I have had very enjoyable evenings at the Theatre over the past year at Triad Stage, The  Broach Theatre, Paper Lantern Theatre Company, Bennett College Theatre, NC A&T Theatre, UNC-G Theatre, GTCC Theatre and several others.

My main concern is that some of them keep doing the same shows over and over or shows that other companies have done.  I understand there is a segment of the local audience who will go see “Steel Magnolias” and “Driving Miss Daisy” over and over.  But I think even they must have had enough by now!  Some shows have just been done too much.  There are other options.

There are so many wonderful plays out there, I just hate to see our local talent and audiences limited to the same old war horses…

With that in mind, I thought I would list some of the shows I have seen in New York and other places that I would love to see done locally. These are shows that I think would appeal to the local theatre-goers.  I also hope they would not be too technically demanding for one or more of our Triad based companies to take on.  These may not all be great plays, but they were plays and musicals I greatly enjoyed.

I guess I would call most of these “audience pleasers”.  Others are just plain good plays that ought to be seen locally.

Who knows?  Maybe someone will actually decide to do one of them.  And if they do, I would go to see it.  And bring friends…

Again, these are just the suggestions that come to the top of my head.  I’m sure I’ll think of more to add later.

  1. “The Exact Center of the Universe”- we saw this Off Broadway several years ago with Frances Sternhagen.  I immediately turned to Steve and said:  “I wish someone would do this in Greensboro with Betsy Brown.  She would be wonderful!”  It would also appeal to the “Driving Miss Daisy” and “Steel Magnolias” crowd.  It’s about an older Southern woman and her son in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Here is a link to a review that tells you more:
  2. “The Lady With All the Answers”- We just saw this Off Broadway last December with Judith Ivey playing Ann Landers.  It’s one character, set in her living room.  It’s a marvelous, funny play.
  3. “Dinah Was”-  This is one I really don’t understand why it hasn’t been done here.  It’s about Dinah Washington and her life and career.  It opens with her sitting in the lobby of the Sahara Hotel  in Las Vegas in the 1960’s.  She is sitting in the lobby in her slip and a fur coat with a bottle of champagne and mad as hell because they hired her to perform but won’t let her stay in the hotel because she is black.  Lillias White played Dinah Washington and was amazing.  Adriane Lenox almost stole the show as the hotel maid who brings down the house at the end.  This could be done here on a small stage with a very small orchestra.  I wish someone would do it–if they can find the right actresses.
  4. “The Life”-This was Cy Coleman, the composer of “Sweet Charity”‘s, last show on Broadway.  It is a great show.  I think people are afraid to do it because it is a large cast and is about hookers, pimps and hustlers in New York in the early 1970’s.  But it’s a great show.  Entertaining and with a lot of heart.  Here is a clip of this one:
  5. “Orson’s Shadow”- I posted about this one recently.  Again, I saw this Off Broadway.  Basically, it’s the story of Orson Wells, Laurence Olivier, Vivian Leigh and Joan Plowright working on a theatrical project together.  Ms Plowright was Olivier’s wife after Miss Leigh and their affair is in the early stages in this play.  It’s a great backstage story about theatre and theatrical egos.  You can find my previous post using the Search Feature on the Blog.  I can’t seem to get links to work…
  6. “The Dazzle”- This Off Broadway show was about Homer and Langley Collyer, the original hoarders.  I loved it.  Here is a link to a review that tells you more:
  7. “The Temperamentals”– Another Off Broadway Play I posted about recently.  There is a large Gay and well-educated audience here that I think would embrace this play.  Use the Search feature on this blog for “Temperamentals” and you can see my previous post and some scenes.
  8. “Last Fall”- We just saw this in June on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre.  Search the Blog with “Next Fall” to see my detailed thoughts in my earlier post.  Here are a couple of clips with a little more information
  9. “Dying City”- By Christopher Shinn.  I saw this at Lincoln Center and thought it was one of the best new plays I had seen in a while.  It’s about a woman who’s husband dies in Iraq who is visited by his identical twin brother about a year later.  It was an amazingly well written and moving play.
  10. “August:  Osage County”- by Tracy Letts.  I loved this family comedy/drama when we saw it on Broadway a couple of years ago. When the daughter screamed at the Mother at the formal dinner table and said:  “Eat the f#@king fish, bitch”  I turned to Steve and said “These are my people.”  Again, this is a large cast, but I think it would be a crowd pleaser.  It was a big hit on Broadway and they are working on the movie now.  Here is an advertisement and a story about the show:    

Just some thoughts…I’m sure others have some suggestions to add.


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