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Justin Bieber: ‘Anne Frank Was A Great Girl, Hopefully She Would Have Been A Belieber’

I agree with some of the comments on this, particularly, “What a little idiot”….

It’s bad enough he has to inflict his homogenized “music” on a generation, now he thinks he can comment on every subject…

And, of course he responds based on how it all relates to him…

I bet he can’t even spell “holocaust”….

The worst things about these baby “stars” is the are taught the entire world centers on them and they get no education….

If his parents weren’t so greedy, the would make him take a break and go back to school.  Starting in a remedial Kindergarten…

It’s just a matter of time before he becomes the next Lindsay Lohan….

From HuffingtonPost.com:

This kind of makes us cringe.

Justin Bieber stopped by the Anne Frank House on Friday (April 12), touring the Amsterdam hiding place of the young Holocaust victim and diarist. But it wasn’t his appearance that got people talking — it was his comments.

According to the Anne Frank House’s Facebook page, the 19-year-old singer — who is now on the European leg of his Believe tour and performed in the nearby Dutch city of Arnhem in the Netherlands on Saturday night — left a message in the museum’s guestbook, writing:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

The comment stirred up a lot of conversation on social media, with people calling Bieber “a little idiot” who is “way too full of himself.”

via Justin Bieber: ‘Anne Frank Was A Great Girl, Hopefully She Would Have Been A Belieber’.

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Quote of the Day: Rosh Hashanah

 L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu Ve-Tehateimu – May You be Inscribed and Sealed for a Good Year.

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L’Shana Tove

Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashanah.

L’Shana Tove to all my Jewish friends– and everyone else as well.

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Delta bans U.S. Jews from Flights To Saudi Arabia

I really don’t believe this….

This is a U.S. Airline!!!

Someone at the Delta Airlines and in the U.S. Government needs to step up and speak up about this…all I can think about is Hitler’s special laws for Jews.  This is so wrong I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face.

And I am sick of the U.S. Government and U.S. Businesses cozying up to the repressive regime in Saudi Arabia, in general, because of their oil and money.

I’ll never forget Bush, Jr groveling and practically kissing the ring of the Saudi’s and then strolling around happily, literally, hand-in-hand with them when they came to visit him.

Oil and money really are trumping everything else today.  That’s got to stop.

Apparently standing up against something that is wrong on principle is a long lost American trait.  Now our government and businesses are acting like hookers who’ll lay down and do anything for the right price.

If these are the conditions of doing business with Saudi Arabia, then Delta should be forced to just say no….

Jews and Israelis, or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith, will not be able to fly code-share flights from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia under Delta Air Line’s new partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines that is set to begin in 2012.

Although Delta announced in January that the Saudi airline would join its SkyTeam network next year, the implications of the deal only came to light recently, according to people who have scrutinized the details.

Saudi Arabia, which is governed by strict Islamic law, requires citizens of almost every country to obtain a visa. People who wish to enter the country must have a sponsor; women, who must be dressed according to Saudi standards of modesty, must be met at the Saudi airport by a man who will act as a chaperone.

Saudi Arabia bans anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport from entering the country, even in transit. Many Jews believe the kingdom has also withheld visas from travelers with Jewish-sounding names.

Religious items such as Bibles that are not related to Islam may be confiscated at the airport.

Colby M. May, senior counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative legal group founded by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, said his office is trying to determine if the agreement runs afoul of U.S. law.

“The very idea that there is a common carrier airline service that would deny an American citizen in America access to their services because they are Jewish or have religious items such as a yarmulke, a cross or a priestly collar, is deeply disturbing,” May said.

May said he is “trying to get answers” from Delta.

“They have not responded in a way that answers the question,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll do so.”

In a statement to Religion News Service on Thursday (June 23), Delta said it “does not discriminate, nor do we condone discrimination against any protected class of passenger in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, or gender.”

The airline, which did not deny the new policy, insisted that it has no control over who may fly to Saudi Arabia.

via U.S. Jews Not Able To Fly On Delta Flights To Saudi Arabia.

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Passover: If Moses Had Had the Internet…

As Passover approaches, this seemed very appropriate…

And appropriately cool and entertaining…

Hat tip AmericaBlog where I first saw it:

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Elizabeth Taylor, Al Jazeera and the Raid on Entebbe | The Nation

A little known bit of history that even I had forgotten…

When Elizabeth Taylor died, Al Jazeera English reported that her greatest role was Cleopatra.

They didn’t report that she had offered herself as a hostage at Entebbe in exchange for the 100 hijack victims held by terrorists at that airport in Uganda in 1976. The terrorists turned down the deal, and then Israeli commandos freed the hostages.

“The Jewish people will always remember” Taylor’s offer—that’s what the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Simcha Dinitz said in 1977, according to CNN.

Taylor had converted to Judaism in 1959, when she was 27 years old—Time magazine reported that she had taken the Jewish name “Elisheba Rachel Taylor.” Raised as a Christian Scientist, Taylor converted in part under the influence of her third husband, producer Mike Todd—“born Avrom Goldbogen,” as Time explained, “grandson of a Polish rabbi.”

The year after her Entebbe hostage trade offer, 1977, she married John Warner, who then ran for the Senate from Virginia as a Republican—she campaigned for him actively, and her star power was credited with his narrow victory. Warner reportedly resented being called “Mr. Elizabeth Taylor.”

But life as a Republican political wife in Washington made her “a drunk and a junkie,” she later said, and in 1983 she checked into the Betty Ford clinic.  The rest is history.

via Elizabeth Taylor, Al Jazeera and the Raid on Entebbe | The Nation.

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The Triangle Shirt Waist Company Fire: 100 Years Ago This Week

March 25th is the 100th Anniversary of one of the saddest events in U.S. labor history, the Triangle Shirt Waist Company Fire.  Some say this tragedy had the biggest impact on New York of any event until 9/11.

This story has always resonated with me.  It’s so said that all these young women, mostly recent immigrants, died so tragically.  Mainly, because the doors were locked and they couldn’t escape down the stairs.  Many jumped to their death.

This event led to many changes in public safety and labor laws.  It’s a reminder that laws and regulations are necessary.

Unfortunately, it always seems to take a tragedy to drive change in America…

This article in today’s New York Times shows how one woman is trying to keep the memory alive:

“I GREW up with this story, and I’ve always wanted to do something about it,” Ruth Sergel said. “It’s like a black hole in your heart.”

In 2004, Ms. Sergel started doing something about the story she grew up with: the Triangle Waist Company fire, which killed 146 garment workers in 1911, almost all of them Jewish and Italian immigrants. She had just read a book about the fire, to distract herself from worrying about the premiere of a short film she had directed at the the Tribeca Film Festival.

At the end of the book, “Triangle: The Fire That Changed America,” was a list of names and addresses of the victims, and Ms. Sergel was moved to discover that many had lived within blocks of her apartment on East Third Street. Eager to do something about the story that had created a black hole in her heart, she hit upon what she called “the schmaltziest idea.”

On March 25, the anniversary of the fire, she and a few dozen friends put her idea into action: they divided up the names and addresses, and fanned out across the Lower East Side, the East Village and Little Italy, armed with sidewalk chalk. In front of each building where a victim had lived, they chalked a name, age and cause of death — in white, green, pink and purple, often with drawings of flowers, tombstones or a triangle. They chalked, “Pauline Horowitz, Age 19, Lived at 58 St. Marks Pl., Died March 25, 1911, Triangle Factory Fire.” And “Albina Caruso, Age 20, Lived at 21 Bowery, Died March 25, 1911, Triangle Factory Fire.”

That first year, they chalked 140 names, plus the word “unidentified” six times, in front of the old factory building, just east of Washington Square.

“After you chalk one or two names, something starts to happen,” said Ms. Sergel, 48, an artist who cobbles a living from grant to grant. “Chalking helps reveal a hidden geography of the city. If there are two victims across the street from each other, you wonder, ‘Did they walk to work together? Did their families console each other?’ The whole rest of the year you associate those buildings with that person.”

via In a Tragedy, A Mission To Remember – NYTimes.com.

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