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Lawmaker’s Wife Joins Recall Effort Against Him

More Family Values Republicans…

Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper’s (R) wife has signed a recall petition against him, according to New York magazine.

She also tells the Fond du Lac Reporter Hopper doesn’t even live in the district as state law requires of lawmakers. Instead, he lives with his 25-year old mistress.

via Lawmaker’s Wife Joins Recall Effort Against Him.

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Public Policy Polling: Brutal numbers for Kasich, SB 5

More Buyer’s Remorse with the GOP Governor in Ohio….

I do hope the tied is turning and lasts through the 2012 elections…

Elections have consequences and we are seeing them now with the out of control GOP Governors and House….

There are two things particularly notable in the crosstabs on all of these questions. The first is that non-union households are supportive of the public employees. 54% support their collective bargaining rights to 36% in opposition and 44% say they would vote to repeal SB 5 to 38% who would let it stand. Obviously that level of support is not nearly as high as among union households but it still shows that the workers have even most of the non-union public behind them.

The other thing that’s worth noting is the independents. A lot of attention has been given to the way what’s been going on in Ohio and Wisconsin is galvanizing the Democratic base, but it’s also turning independents who were strongly supportive of the GOP in the Midwest last year back against the party. 62% of independents support collective bargaining for public employees to 32% opposed and 53% support repeal of SB 5 to 32% who would let it stand.

All of this is having an absolutely brutal effect on John Kasich’s numbers. We find him with just a 35% approval rating and 54% of voters disapproving of him. His approval with people who voted for him is already all the way down to 71%, while he’s won over just 5% of folks who report having voted for Ted Strickland last fall. Particularly concerning for him is a 33/54 spread with independents.

Voters in the state are having significant buyers remorse about the results of last fall’s election. In a rematch 55% say they would now vote for Ted Strickland to just 40% who would vote for Kasich. Because this is a sample of all registered voters in the state and not just those who voted in last fall’s Republican heavy electorate the self identified 2010 vote of this sample is 49% for Strickland and 46% for Kasich but that still suggests a 12 point movement toward Strickland among those surveyed over the last four months.

via Public Policy Polling: Brutal numbers for Kasich, SB 5.

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Poll: Budget Impasse Cements Public’s Disapproval of Washington – The Washington Post

Interesting Poll results out today from the Washington Post/ABC News.

In summary, everyone thinks government is broken, many more people trust President Obama to handle the economy than the GOP and people have lost faith in the Republicans on the economy.

Serious Buyers Remorse on the GOP Congress….

The early battles in Washington this year have cemented the public’s disapproval of the political system and the country’s leadership, with confidence in congressional Republicans sagging and majorities disapproving of how President Obama is handling top domestic issues, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

In a sweeping indicator of dissatisfaction with Washington, just 26 percent of Americans say they are optimistic about “our system of government and how well it works,” a low point in polls dating to 1974. This gloomy assessment is shared by Democrats and Republicans, even as they agree on little else.


When it comes to dealing with issue No. 1, the economy, Obama has an advantage: 46 percent say they put more faith in the president, 34 percent say so about congressional Republicans. Obama has a similar 12-point lead on the question of who better understands the economic problems people face, and a nine-point edge on dealing with the deficit.

via Poll: Budget impasse cements public’s disapproval of Washington – The Washington Post.

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Trend or Fluke-Independents Want the Government to Do More, Not Less

It will be interesting to see if this trend holds…

A clear majority want more government intervention, not less…

This will make the Tea Party Crowd crazy since it is coming from the Murdoch owned, Republican leaning Wall Street Journal’s poll.

All the publicity about the good programs the GOP is trying to cut may be making people realize how much good the government actually does…

I hope the trend holds…

From the Cook Report and the National Journal:

However, in the latest NBC/WSJ poll of 1,000 adults (including 200 by cellphone; overall margin of error plus or minus 3.1 points), conducted from February 24-28, 51 percent of respondents said the government-should do more and 46 percent said the government was doing too much. One could conclude that the antigovernment bandwagon certainly isn’t picking up speed.

More important—and I have to give NBC Political Director Chuck Todd credit for pointing this out to me—independents shifted significantly. In the February survey, 47 percent of independents said the government was doing too much, compared with 60 percent who said so last October. Independents who said the government should do more jumped 13 points, from 38 percent to 51 percent.

via – The Cook Report: Trend or Fluke? – Friday, March 11, 2011.

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ThinkProgress : Americans Overwhelmingly Support Millionaires Surtax To Tackle Deficit, Reject Cuts To Social Programs

Well, the truth is starting to both come out and sink in to the country as a whole…

Another article worth reading in its entirety and seeing the actual poll results…

For months, Republicans have relentlessly promoted the Tea Party-driven message that the government spends too much, and that social welfare programs should be first on the chopping block. “To not address entitlement programs, as is the case with the budget the president has put forward, would be an economic and moral failure,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) declared.

But a comprehensive new Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll suggests Republicans significantly overestimated the public’s eagerness to tackle the federal deficit by cutting programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. As reflected in the growing “Main Street Movement,” the poll, released yesterday, found sizable majorities of Americans prefer steps like eliminating oil company subsidies, enacting a surtax on the income of millionaires, and rolling back the Bush cuts. Only 23 percent think it’s acceptable to, for example, make cuts to Medicare, while 81 percent favor instituting a millionaire’s surtax:


Reacting to the results, one GOP pollster told NBC’s First Read that Republicans may have gravely miscalculated in their headlong rush slash spending, as demanded by the Tea Party. “It may be hard to understand why a person might jump off a cliff, unless you understand they’re being chased by a tiger. That tiger is the Tea Party,” he said.

MORE:   ThinkProgress » Blog Archive » Americans Overwhelmingly Support Millionaires Surtax To Tackle Deficit, Reject Cuts To Social Programs.

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AMERICAblog News: NBC-WSJ poll: ‘Conservatives’ overwhelmingly support liberal policies

There was a time people were put into Mental Institutions for ignoring facts and reality, now they simply become Republicans and get elected to Congress…

More truth is coming out and awareness is starting to go up…

But the GOP continues to ignore the facts and what most Americans really want…

From AmericaBlog:

This recent Rachel Maddow Show segment is one of the best multi-media essays I’ve seen. Rich in thought, beautifully written, beautifully structured, perfectly presented.

The headline — A new NBC-WSJ Poll from 3/2/11, composed of 36% conservatives and only 24% liberals, found the following support levels:

81% – Taxing millionaires

68% – Eliminating Bush tax cuts

74% – Eliminating oil & gas subsidies

77% – Public union bargaining rights

Amazing data.

More:   AMERICAblog News: NBC-WSJ poll: ‘Conservatives’ overwhelmingly support liberal policies.

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Public Policy Polling: Obama strong in Virginia

It’s early, but this is still good news…

Maybe my old home state is regaining it’s sanity….

Now, if only Tom Perriello will run for Jim Webb’s open Senate seat and win, I’ll almost feel safe to cross the border again…

Virginia seems like a state Republicans almost have to win next year if they want to take back the White House but if the voting was today Barack Obama would take it again by a margin comparable to or greater than what he won in 2008.

Obama leads Mitt Romney by 6 points in the state at 48-42. That’s identical to the size of his victory over John McCain in 2008. After that his leads increase to 8 points over Mike Huckabee at 51-43, 12 over Newt Gingrich at 51-39, and a whooping 19 over Sarah Palin at 54-35.

Part of the reason Obama’s doing well in Virginia is that he has respectable, if not great, approval numbers there. 48% like the job he’s doing to 45% who disapprove. There are two keys to his solid standing. The first is that 87% of Democrats stand with him- that’s an indication he’s generally holding onto white voters within his party, even ones who might lean a little bit more to the conservative side of the ideological spectrum.

The other key to his standing is that he’s coming close to breaking even with independents- 48% disapprove of him to 42% who approve. It may seem counter intuitive that negative numbers with those voters are a good sign for Obama, but after two straight election years where independents in Virginia leaned toward the GOP by a margin of about 30 points a Democratic politician getting just slightly negative reviews from them is progress.

via Public Policy Polling: Obama strong in Virginia.

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Lost in the 21st Century Blog Feedback Poll

I’m trying something new.  This is my first attempt at a poll for this site and I’m going to use it to ask your feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions as to what you like and would like to see more of….

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