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The Sadness of a Lady Bright

Addiction is such a cruel thing.  And perhaps the cruelest part is that it impacts more than the addict….

Poor Bobbi Kristina Brown never really had a chance….

It just compounds the tragedy of her Mother, Whitney Houston’s, death that her only daughter follows so closely behind her…

And I know Whitney must have hoped for so much more on so many fronts…..

Somehow, Liza, Lorna and Joey seem to have survived Judy Garland’s issues.  Liza, especially, has had her struggles with addiction.

But our generation’s Judy Garland, Whitney Houston,  didn’t have a child that strong….

So, so sad….

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Flying with Judy Garland

I just came across an interesting quote on flying from Judy Garland….

I can only imagine what she would have to say if she were flying today…

“I hate flying. I don’t want to die. I’ve never met a cast of people I wanted to die with. You go on an airplane and see the people sitting there reading Reader’s Digest…you don’t want to die with them, you KNOW, you don’t want to die with them!

First of all I get top billing: JUDY GARLAND dies in plane crash. For other deceased, turn to section D page eighteen, where they have them listed alphabetically.

What are we doing flying around in airplanes? The birds don’t even go that high! You have to strap yourself in and HOPE…and there’s no hope and NO OXYGEN!

I have to make friends with the pilot, whereupon he tells me that his children are just as important to him as mine are…forget it! His life isn’t NEARLY as important as my life is to me! Call it sheer selfishness, I don’t really CARE!”


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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Whether you recognize the December Holidays as Christmas, Chanukah,Winter Solstice , Kwanzaa or anything else, I hope you all take the time to pause, share time and appreciate your friends and family- of birth or by choice.

Whatever your beliefs- and whatever mine might be- I still like this song best for the holidays.  Forgive me if you don’t think it’s politically correct, but it sums it all up for me so I want to share it with you.

And besides, it’s Judy Garland at her best.  Who can argue with that?


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Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow, and Then Some!

In recognition of her Carnegie Hall Concert 50 years ago tonight, there’s a lot of new interest in Judy Garland.

Here is a great article from this month’s Vanity Fair:

In December 1959, Judy Garland, only 37 but with a quarter-century of hard living behind her, lay near death in New York’s Doctors Hospital. Alcohol and pills were the culprits. When in reasonably good health, Garland, who stood an inch under five feet, weighed 100 pounds. Now she weighed 180. Her tiny frame was grotesquely swollen with fluid and her liver severely compromised. Her eyes were glazed; her memory was failing; her body was shutting down. Walking by Garland’s hospital room, a close friend overheard a clutch of doctors discussing her condition. One of them turned to the friend. “I have to tell you the truth,” the doctor said. “I don’t think she’s going to make it.”

She made it. “She had the constitution of an army,” Garland’s daughter Lorna Luft says. “She just knew she had to keep going.” But three weeks later, after 20 quarts of fluid had been drained from her body, her lead physician told Garland, “For the rest of your life, all your physical activity must be curtailed. You are a permanent semi-invalid.… It goes without saying that under no circumstances can you ever work again.”

Garland fell back onto her pillows. “Whoopee!” she cried, weakly.

More:  Over the Rainbow, and Then Some! | Vanity Fair.

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50 Years Ago Tonight: Judy at Carnegie Hall

Judy Garland’s legendary Carnegie Hall Concert was 50 years ago tonight…

There is a new documentary about the night, “Stay All Night” currently in production.

Here is a another clip about that night:

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Judy Garland: I’m Still Here

There’s nothing like a really good Female Impersonator giving a great performance as a Hollywood legend to lift your spirits and ease you toward the weekend….

The incomparable Jim Bailey singing a song Judy Garland didn’t live to sing- but should have!

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June 22nd- A Day of Big Entrances and Big Exits

I was just checking the internet because I knew of one important event that happened yesterday.

I actually found many interesting things happened on June 22nd.  It’s kind of a Red Letter Day in Gay History and the Arts…

On June 22nd:

  1. In 1527 Machiavelli died.
  2. In 1906, Billy Wilder was born.
  3. In 1909, producer Mike Todd, one of Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands, was born.  He later died in a famous plane crash.
  4. In 1921, Joseph Papp, founder of the Public Theatre, was born.
  5. In 1921, actor, dancer and Broadway director Gower Champion was also born on this day.
  6. In 1922, Designer Bill Blass was born.
  7. In 1933, Diane Feinstein, former mayor of San Francisco and current US Senator was born.  She was the one who announced Harvey Milk and Frank Mosconni’s assassinations.
  8. In 1936, Kris Kristofferson was born.
  9. In 1941, journalist Ed Bradley was born.
  10. In 1947, Don Henley was born.
  11. In 1948, Todd Rundgren was born.
  12. In 1949, Meryl Streep was born.
  13. In 1953, Cyndi Lauper was born.
  14. In 1961, Jimmy Summerville, of Bronski Beat and the Communards, was born.
  15. In 1964, author Dan Brown was born.
  16. In 1965, David O Selznick, the famous Hollywood producer of “Gone With the Wind” and many other classics died.
  17. In 1966, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” opened.
  18. In 1969, Judy Garland died at age 47.
  19. In 1972 “Man of LaMancha” opened on Broadway.
  20. In 1976, “Godspell” opened on Broadway.
  21. In 1977, Jai Rodriguez, actor and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” regular, was born.
  22. In 1987, Fred Astaire died.
  23. In 2002, Ann Landers died.
  24. In 2008, George Carlin died.

A lot of big entrances and exits on this day.  Kind of makes you think…

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Happy Birthday, Judy Garland

I have to recognize this date and post on it or I might have my credentials revoked…

Judy Garland was born June 10, 1922.  She crammed a lot of living into her far too brief life.  She became not just a Star, but an Icon.

I’ll post  a few videos as a tribute to her today, on what would have been her 88th Birthday.

In the beginning…”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”

“The Trolley Song” from “Meet Me In St Louis”

“Get Happy” from “Summer Stock”

“The Man That Got Away” from “A Star is Born”.

This was probably the greatest performance ever given in a Movie Musical.  This should have won her her Oscar.

And toward the end…One of my favorites.  “I Could Go On Singing”

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