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Pat Robertson Blames Ivy League Schools For Lack Of Miracles In America

Well, they don’t get much simpler or crazier than Pat but he sure isn’t humble….

He thinks Americans should be “simple” and “humble” like Africans so we would believe in Miracles.

This is a) racist and b) stupid.

He’s really saying only the ignorant can be fooled into believing in miracles….

Or, in my mind, in the Republican Party and Televangelists….

Those guys count on ignorance….

And of course he knows nothing about the complexity and history of Africa.

He’s commenting from his own ignorant, Old South Plantation Era mindset…

It may have been April 1st yesterday, but televangelist Pat Robertson wasn’t kidding when he told a viewer that Americans aren’t experiencing God’s miracles because they are too “sophisticated.”

Why do miracles “happen with great frequency in Africa, and not here in the USA?” asked a 700 Club patron Ken. “People overseas didn’t go to Ivy League schools,” Robertson replied with a chuckle.

“We are so sophisticated, we think we’ve got everything figured out,” the Christian Broadcasting Network chairman continued. “We know about evolution, we know about Darwin, we know about all these things that says God isn’t real, we know about all this stuff.”

According to Robertson, it’s the “skepticism and secularism” that is being taught at “the most advanced schools” around the country that is keeping God’s miracles at bay.

Meanwhile, Africans are “simple” and “humble.” “You tell ‘em God loves ‘em and they say, ‘Okay, he loves me’,” said Robertson. “You say God will do miracles and they say, ‘Okay, we believe him’.”

If Americans wish to experience more miracle, Robertson concluded, they must reject their miracle-negating sophistication in favor of the more credulous African way of life.

via Pat Robertson Blames Ivy League Schools For Lack Of Miracles In America | TPM News.

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Is The Meteor Attack In Siberia God’s Wrath For Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws?

I wonder what Pat Robertson thinks…

Oh, he doesn’t….he just talks….

From Queerty.com:

A Queerty reader suggested we drum up some faux propaganda suggesting the devastating meteor shower in Central Russia was an act of God, who is p.o.’d at the country for enacting gay-propaganda bans and oppressing his queer children.

We don’t thin the Man Upstairs micro-manages like that—and obviously no one deserves a disaster of this magnitude— but it is interesting to notice how silent the fundamentalist nutbags who have blamed us gays for 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Penn State child-molestation scandal and even Newtown, are today.

But just in case there is something to this theory, Uganda, you might want to scope out the nearest bomb shelters.

via Is The Meteor Attack In Siberia God’s Wrath For Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws? / Queerty.

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Pat Robertson: God Told Me Who The Next President Will Be

I’m really getting concerned about these Republicans….

Almost all the Candidates for the GOP nomination are running because “God told them to…”  (Ex:  Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, et.al.)

Now God is skipping around them and telling Pat Robertson how it’s all going to play out.

But Pat promised not to tell…

I somehow think if God was going to tell anyone, he/she would pick someone other than Pat to confide in….

I think all these folks need a good therapist and perhaps some time in a nice, quiet, secure place while someone helps them understand that, if they are hearing voices, its not God.

It’s probably schizophrenia…

And, therefore, they have no business trying to be leaders of the Free World…..

From the HuffingtonPost.com:

Christian conservative leader Pat Robertson says he has a secret straight from God: He knows who the next president of the United States will be.

“I think He showed me about the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that so I’ll leave you in the dark — probably just as well — but I think I know who it’s gonna be,” Robertson said Tuesday on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club.”

Robertson then went on to recite the message he claimed to have been told by God. According to Robertson, God doesn’t support President Barack Obama’s agenda and says that only “overwhelming prayer” can bring a new leader who will stop the country from “disintegrating”:

via Pat Robertson: God Told Me Who The Next President Will Be (VIDEO).

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Pat Robertson: How Do You Explain This One?

Again, I’m going to try to follow Pat Robertson’s illogical logic…

In the video below, he talks about this week’s Virginia earthquake causing cracks in the Washington Monument and implying that it is symbolic and a message from God…

Well, there is a major Hurricane heading right for Pat Robertson’s Headquarters in Virginia Beach.  I wonder what he will have to say about that….

Maybe this is also symbolic and a message from god?

I somehow don’t think he’ll see it that way….


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